Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year

Hello 2014! or some might say 2013A hehe...

Sorry I haven't been updating much as I was busy spending quality time with my family and friends since Christmas till now. I am still on the holiday mood but can't wait to get my year started as jobs are coming in pretty fast :)

On Christmas day itself, I was spending time with my in laws. We booked the HyperKitchen and Marcus and Chelle was the main chef :) 

Chelle and Martin ( brother in law & his gf :)


The whole gang :) Thanks for coming everyone!

So yummy right all the pictures? I'm so hungry now! Btw, Chelle is the owner of Fat Spoon restaurant in Uptown Damansara!  A must try!

Chicken is not enough, better add some bacon! 

We also receive a surprise visit from Santa Claus! Thank you for the gifts! Next door was also hosting a Christmas dinner, which was actually a friend of mine :o) 

How jolly of them to come over 

For this Christmas, I made a few DIY stuff...

I made like a snack bar for Marcus as he loves eating, he's much fatter now! ahaha! 

I also did a collage of me and SuAnne on a wine bottle :) 

Christmas was overall fun and joyful :) I did went back to Taiping for a night to spend some time with the family too :)
Then, on December 28th, I went for my first Yaasui party! The theme was harajuku... and I just randomly select my outfit and was ready to mask myself so that no one really could recognise me.

As soon as I stepped down from the car and walk at least 7 steps, a friend of mine just said : Hi Michelle, going to some theme party?
Hhahaha I seriously thought no one could recognise me... even Nana couldn't recognise me! >:(

Then came December 31, New Year's Eve :)

My parent actually came down to KL to celebrate with us :) We took a bottle of Cloudy Bay which thanks to Moet Hennessy Diageo for the Christmas gift :) and pop it on NYE :)

Also, another good news, the Sky Beach is Block D is now open! YAY!

Now that 2014 is here, what are your resolutions?

Mine is to be grateful.

and hopefully more jobs on styling! Have you seen my latest job?

Client : INTI College 

Got another job styling celebrities with EH! Magazine again :) Cant wait to see it on their February issue 2014!

I hope this year would be a better year :)

Best wishes everyone!


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