Wednesday, 25 December 2013

It is time to # LiveLifeAmplifed

Let's start living!

Maybank invites you to #LiveLifeAmplified

So, what is #LiveLifeAmplified all about?

Living without boundaries as life is already hard, not worrying about your finances or even keeping track with maximising rewards or redemption! It's not about depending on coupons or keeping a diary of your latest purchase! It's about having time to enjoy your life to the fullest!

Things that I would love to do :

Travel, shop, partying, fine dining and not to worry about bills like petrol or groceries for an instant.It's about being able to share these time with your love ones! It's about doing more and getting more out of life~

Maybank created a contest and I wanna invite you to join this contest! I've already submitted mine!
It's super easy, and there are two ways!

1.Winning and playing the #LiveLifeAmplified challenge

2.Just sign up for the M2C card and enjoy the rewards and benefits that will solve all your woes, complexities and hard decisions that you face everyday!

The contest is pretty simple :

Tell us what could help you amplify your life and just spread the love of Maybank 2 cards to your friends and family! Tell more people and you will earn more points! You could also win a weekly prize worth of RM100 and a chance of winning Grand prize of RM 10, 000!

Best part is, there is nothing to lose with joining this contest!
You might ask, what did Michiekins wrote?

:) Yes, I really wanna meet Victoria Beckham!

It's in my bucket list!

 I wish I am sucessful like her, from being the girl who people often criticizing her that she can't dance or sing among the Spice Girls and now to one of the most influential people in the world. I wish I was as determined as hers! I knew she didn't give up easily in her life despite what people say and I really look up to her. Juggling life with her kids and creating a fashion empire. She is my role model.

So I have to work even harder now to achieve my dreams :)

Anyways, back to the #LiveLifeAmplified contest! I so wanna win this RM 10,000! Perhaps a good way for me to grow my business with this money! I guess my strategy from now is to TAG everyone I know! I shall think of some creative ways! Aint sharing with you! You better think yourself :p

If you asked me, why join?


You have nothing to lose and all to gain!

So what's the benefit of the card?

With Maybank 2 Cards, you get

  1. The benefits of two cards, Maybank 2 American Express® Card and Maybank 2 MasterCard/Visa Card, in one sign up, one service tax, and one statement.
No more hassle of paying tax for multiple card! I used to carry 2 cards with me but now I only use one, easier to maintain!

  1. Enjoy a low Finance Charge of 8.88% p.a. on your outstanding retail balance, and save up to RM2300 a year¹. All you have to do is promptly settle your minimum payment of 5% or a minimum of RM25.
    Based on RM3,000 monthly spend with minimum repayment of 12 months.
Always remember to pay your bills ASAP!

    1. 5x TreatsPoints or all spend on your Maybank 2 American Express Card in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world except Government Bodies, Education Institutions and Insurance Providers.
The more points the better right? :D

4. 2x TreatsPoints for every RM1 spend on your Maybank 2 American Express Card at Government Bodies, Education Institutions and Insurance Providers.1x TreatsPoints for all spend on your Maybank 2 MasterCard/Visa Card.

5. 5% Weekend cash back when spend on Maybank 2 American Express Card.
²A cap of RM50 per customer (Principal Cardmember) per month

6. Lifetime Fee Waiver for complimentary supplementary cards.

7.Travel Insurance Coverage
Charge your travel fares to the card to enjoy complimentary Accidental Death and Disablement coverage of up to RM1,000,000, as well as Travel Inconvenience coverage for missed connections, luggage delay and luggage loss.

8. Retail ProtectionPurchase protection of up to RM15,000 per item and up to RM100,000 per card account per calendar year. Return Guarantee exchange or refund of up to 90days (Maximum RM1,500 per item on purchase price, up to a maximum of RM6,000 per card account per calendar year) 
Extended Warranty of up to Rm15,000 per item
(Up to RM48,000 per card account per calendar year.)

9. Complimentary golf at world-class golf courses around Malaysia and other countries ( only applicable for Platinum Card level)
Would certainly enjoy this privilege as Marcus wanted me to learn how to play golf hehe

Time to shop and not to worry :)

SO what are you waiting for?

Good deal right?

The contest starts on 1 November 2013 til 31 December and is open to all Malaysian citizens aged 21 and above!

Click here to join the contest and remember to read the terms and conditions as well!

 It is time to # LiveLifeAmplifed

For more information, please visit


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