Tuesday, 17 December 2013

So... yeah! :)

So, yeah... I starting sewing with this kit.


Stole it from W Koh Sa Mui hotel because it's too pretty

So far, I've only sew 2 things. More like add-ons because I can't sew an outfit.

The red balls are for Christmas. It all started from there. I sew some of them into my sweater and Marcus' shirt for Christmas. I don't know if he would wear it. But it looks cute none the less.

Will only show the pictures during Christmas followed by a mini tutorial on how to spice up your clothes.

I found a shop in Sg Wang that has many pretty sewing stuff, bought some ( Ive been there many times because Ive been buying stuff for my latest project which will be unveiled early next year )  sparkles to add on to my plain dress which is from Michelle Ooi Ready To Wear 2012 Collection. 

Follow me on Instagram @Michiekins for immediate updates!

Will do a tutorial soon, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, for those of you who haven't know yet, I've got a POP UP STORE in Bangsar for KINS X STYLE

It's located at ON A CLOUDY DAY BOUTIQUE, no.15 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar. 
We are open everyday! Just follow the stickers to my pop up store from the staircase! 

Basically I got this space with 2 changing rooms beside the huge mirror :) it's fun to take pictures from there. I won't be there everyday, but if you like, you can email me at to make an appointment :) I'll be there. 

Take note that the POP UP STORE will be there till 13th January only, right before Chinese New Year, and I've got limited pieces :) So shop away :) 

Do follow our KINS X STYLE instagram @kinsxstyle for more updates.

Prices of my new collection are all here :

I shall update the price next week in this blog as I will be away tmrw and no time for pos laju! But I will be back by Monday, so if you wanna order by pos laju, by Monday only Im available! If not, you can check out our Pop Up store in Bangsar :)

On the other note, I absolutely love my new phone from Sony XperiaZ1 :)

I was so scared when I took it to the swimming pool, so afraid that my new phone will just drown and die because Ive never use a water proof phone before! When I first jumped into the pool with my phone, I was literally screammmmiinnnnggggg! 

So Jakun! LOL

Sheena and David was down and we happily went to Block B Infinity pool to test this out on a bright Sunny Sunday :)

This is Sheena, love of my life.... hahahah My Dong Sangggg, yes we both love Korean drama! 
Wait till the next blog post about The Heirs ending!!! OMG SO DISSAAPOOINNNTTTIINNGGG~ 

Anyways, back to my Sony XperiaZ1,

This is what I called NEXT LEVEL ASIAN SELFIE! Isn't it cool!

Here are some videos we took via Instagram :)

OK la! I gtg clean the house now and get ready for tonights event and tmrw's trip! Have a good weekend everyone!


Oh, before I forget... Thank you Sheena and David for the Christmas present from Jo Malone! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Ps: I don't know if you notice but my recent Instagram photos are in much better quality, it's because of the Sony Xperia Z1 20.7 MegaPixel! WoooHooo! :) 

Cheers again!
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