Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Heirs

 Hey everyone! Ho was your weekend? :D Mine was a very quiet one, just me at home watching korean drama, thanks to Sheena-chan who introduced to me the this Korean latest drama, The Heirs. It's something like Gossip Girl but Korean version. I totally love Young Do and Rachel the most. They are the reason why I'm fascinated with this new series. Theay are basically my Chuck and Blair. 

Why I always fall for the bad boys? Ahhaha Btw, this guy character is same like Chuck Bass :) He is soooooooooooo hot!

Introducing KIM WOO BIN who plays YOUNG DO 

For the female cast, I love Rachel the most~ So gorgeous! I personally think she's the Blair in this series. The main actress Eun Sang is just plain booooooring.... yawn and the main character Kim Tan is not as good looking as Young Do :P

Isn't she cute? I watched till episode 6 already, can't wait for the next one 

Happy Monday everyone!

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