Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Joanne's Hens Night

Ola! Im back from Bangkok! Was there for my cousin in law's HENS night! It was overall a fun trip :)
I went to a male strip joint for the first time. But they didn't really strip lah~ unless you pay them!

There will be bunch of boys standing on a podium... flexing, wearing only under wear! Most of them have hot bodies, while the skinny ones wears a singlet! The place is called JUPITER by the way :)

There are also some entertainment with boys dancing and there is always a leading female who lip sync songs :) Of course we ordered the hot one to entertain my cousin for the fun of it :) 

Also, there are many male in that joint! 90 % male and 10% female! 

I was  a bit shocked knowing there is a lot of gay man, and some uncles as well.

They kinda look at us one kind as a bunch of us girls were screaming checking out the hot guys haha!

Check out Jupiter Club if you are in Bangkok :)

First day in Bangkok we went to MAGGIE CHOO  which to me was like an underground bar with the 1920's Shanghai setting! It was one of the best place I've ever been too! But I forgot to bring my camera on that day, so no pictures :( But I'll def go there again next time! 

Thank you Tina for all the pictures.

Did you all realise something?


I GAINED 2KG FROM THIS TRIP! and my husband thinks I look better! Look healthier :)

What do you all think?

selfie shot of my favourite lipstick by Tom Ford!

Ok, just to let everyone know that all my current pictures are taken with Sony C3X :) It automatically smoothen my face. PS : I dont photoshop my face smaller or anything! But my scars/ white head spots/ pimples are covered by the camera's setting for smoother face :)

I really like how my camera really gives my face some glow :) It's my favourite camera! Something like the CASIO TRX? that people use for SELCA! The pictures all turn out damnnnn nice!!! I also want one! I think it's a good investment!!

Also, girls like me takes like a 100 shots of SELCA before posting it! Finding the right angle to make my face look smaller and sharper hahah! I bet some of you all also do the same right?? I take till my hand also pain! 

After Bangkok, I came home and went to facial straight! My face gotten worst while I was in BKK and it's been a while since my last facial with VIP KOREANA :)

They korek out many white heads!!! heheh TMI?

Then, to my horror.... my MAGNUM event which I thought was on FRIDAY turned out to be the very next day! My face was super red with all the spots! Even foundation couldn't cover it! :/

But oh well, I couldn't care less as I always LOVE Magnum's event! It's always so fabulous!

Will blog about Magnum soon :)

Till then, have a blessed week

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