Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Ryan Gosling saves the day

where to start?

(inhale, exhale)


for neglecting you.

I have to admit that I've been neglecting this blog and I hope I can cope back again and I do miss blogging but I just had no mood to blog lately.

Sometimes I wonder, what's life all about? 

Is it all fixed?

sometimes I wish I could stop time and be forever 27? 21?

My skin started to sagggggggggggg already.

Damn depressing

Life was OK, but gotten worst lately. I think I THINK too much sometimes and friends action can affect me as well.

But I hope I will not put too much thoughts in that and just be happy and be grateful with what I've been blessed with.

Some say the key to happiness is to be grateful

Movies/TV shows can also affect my life easily. Thats why I prefer to watch comedies, rather than horror movie or depressing movie.

Maybe thats why every night I have to watch something funny before I sleep. I know it's a really bad habit, but I seriously can't sleep if I don't watch or hear anything.

AND I sleep soundly listening to the cast voice of MODERN FAMILY. They help me sleep soundly and I feel safer when I hear their voices. I mean it's not that they are boring, but the sound of them laughing and talking makes me feel safe.

I know it's weird, but it works.

To feel even happier, I try to listen to happy songs and I cant get this song out of my mind.

The other night I watched The Notebook again....

Ryan Gosling looked so hot when he's younger. I could just stare at him 

This is one of my favourite movies.

All time favourite romantic movie :) 


I do wonder...

If there is such love?

Is there any romantic guy out there who would do what NOAH did? 

It's crazy but romantic.

To everyone who hasn't watched it, I highly recommend it :)

Some of my favourite scenes

1. I call this the duck scene :) If I were they, I won't throw any food or else kena attack non stop! hahaha but it's a really beautiful scene :)

 2. The kissing scene after the DUCK scene where they kissed under the rain

3. The ice cream scene where Allie mess-up Noah's face with ice cream and then kisses Noah's face! Can this ever happen to me? 

4. Whenever he is topless. HAHAH :P

Im feeling much better after blogging about this.


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