Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Ghost month is overrrrrrr!!!!! YEAHHH!!


The GHOST month is over.

I can now watch THE CONJURING YAY

As I was typing this, Marcus just said ' YOU WON'T WATCH WAN LAH '


Actually, I'm not too sure.. should I watch? I'm afraid that it will haunt me for weeks! I think I shall TANGKAP Sheena to watch with me ahhaha! Since I will be out of the country the whole next week I guess I will be too busy to even think about it..


since ghost month is over, meaning people should kena saman by now.

By saman I mean RED PACKETS!


Yay! I love weddings! I would do it all over again haahhahah

And Im happy to announce that my cousin Sheena is now engaged and that I will be busy preparing her wedding!

Matron of Honour FTW!

Last week I also attended Andrew and  Irene's wedding reception at Noble Banquet. Congrats to the newly wed couple. As usual I cried when they show the wedding proposal video :)


Dress by ON A CLOUDY DAY ( Telawi 3, Bangsar )
Elie Saab inspired :)

OK, Let's get back to weddings! 

I've got this FB message from a fellow reader :)

For all the blushing bride out there who still haven't figure out what dress should your bridesmaids wear, why NOT try the convertible dress?

It's EASY and very Personalised as the bridesmiads gets to dress how they want and there are many ways to wear it :) NO bridesmaids will fight and everyone will look good in it 

For me, I prefer if all the bridesmaids wears a longer convertible dress, they would look more elegant.

I've got mine from , Singapore

Super good quality and cheap

Read about my wedding here : Michelle and Marcus Wedding

This picture has been edited by Jasiminne, because I don't have a picture of me with all the bridesmaid.

Here's a video of the Chip San Leong :

Marcus and Michelle Wedding from michelle ooi on Vimeo.

I can seriously watch this over and over again :) and always never fail to cry :)

I love all my kins!

Here's a video on how you can wrap your convertible dress

I shall be blogging more about wedding ideas soon as it's now wedding season :)


Last week I also attended the MAGAZINE BOUTIQUE Opening at ISETAN KLCC and wore this beautiful dress sponsored by them 

Comes in blue as well. Perhaps can consider to wear it to a wedding, but prefably not white in colour as ONLY the bride should wear white that night :)

Or at least thats my rule for all my bridesmaids.


ha :)

I also did a photoshoot for GAP// Tongue In Chic, cant wait for the outcome!

Got to meet Jared ( my ex college mate ) and his new gf Marianne, who's no stranger in the YOUTUBE scene! She's so pretttyyyy and talented! I can just stare at her! No, I'm not a stalker

I'm so jealous of Jared's hair.. I wish my hair is as long and shinny as his! Cis

and it was good to meet Joshua, our photographer of the day from @thespaceman

September has been good :)

Now Im off to the gym


Special thanks to melly, zoey, melissa and hot stuff

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