Thursday, 5 September 2013

I HEART September

 Hello September!
Finally you've arrived!

OK, let's start my September story.

I was very depressed, ok the word depressed might seem harsh, let's go with NOT HAPPY with my current lifestyle and also hair style * haha I know I've said this alot of time. *

I finally get to tie my hair and I feel prettier. I dont know why. Even my hair is soooo short, I would tie it up, perhaps I love the clean look ( like the pic above ) ( I was so happy ) My hair is now at the state where it's not here or not there! It looks crazy if I dont blow dry it.

But September came and changed everything.

I am a much happier person now.

I did some short terms goal last month for September and guess what? 

I've been doing it!


1. Clean / Decorate office 
2. Hit the GYM

Yes, I like to create mini goals to keep me going, I suggest you do it too! Perhaps monthly goals? 

I did the 2nd goal and I hope to continue doing it :) Went to the gym with Nana and hope we can continue this new tradition. We spent almost an hour or more with 20 mins cardio and the rest on lifting weights / sit ups / stretching 

I hope I wont be lazy to hit the gym and will have a toned body by .... I dont know when.. ahha

I also cleaned my office yesterday after gym! I even cook for Nana lunch ( which I dont nomally do ) I guess September is just changing me to be a better and healthier person.



Do you like it? I spent RM470 at IKEA and came out with this.

Bought a carpet, couple of boxes which cost till RM 200 -__-
pillows and a new rack :)

I love how my office look now, perhaps I should throw a mini party x you may shop for the latest KINS X STYLE items :) I've got more in the cupboard!

Also, I will be at ISETAN KLCC today! From 12:30 onwards for the opening of MAGAZINE BOUTIQUE. All my followers will get 20 % Their prices ranges from Rm 39 - Rm 399

I will also be there to be your personal shopper!

Do drop by if you are free at ISETAN KLCC FIRST FLOOR

Check my INSTAGRAM for more UPDATES!

I've also been working on more fashion project and can't wait to tell you all about it!

* excited * 

Lastly, OOTD 

Heart sweater by KINS X STYLE ( coming soon )
High waisted shorts from TOPSHOP
Wedges from NOSE

If you noticed, I've got a new link above ( about me ) 


It's a new website called KINS X STYLE and I will be selling my clothes / brand on that website as this website is more personal now! But of course I will update here as well! But if anyone wants to shop at the KINS, you may visit here to see what's available!

I didn't want to confused everyone and finding the link might be hard, so I've created a new one just for ONLINE SHOPPING! :)



See you at ISETAN KLCC NOWWWWW!!!!! 
Check my update or MSG via Instagram or FB!

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