Monday, 2 September 2013

Melissa shoes love!

Got my first Melissa shoes and the ONE word I would describe it is : COMFY

Loving my new  MELISSA DORIS SPIKES :)

It is so soft like JELLY!
Been wearing it everyday for a about a week now 

What I also like about it is that it's easy to clean.

I wore it to Bangkok ( it's the only shoe I brought there because it's so versatile for shopping and clubbing etc ) and when it's dirty, I just use wet wipes to clean it and VOILA~ it looks brand new again!

Initially I wanted red colour, but they ran out of size :(

I choose the spikes design because the world isn't safe anymore. So if I kena attack, I will use the spikes to kick some balls. 


Or perhaps I should learn how to kick jump and slam it on the pencuri face?

Btw, this shoes are from Brazil and MADE IN BRAZIL, then should I learn capoeira? 

I actually feel safe when I wore this shoes, at least I know I've got like a secret weapon or something to protect me. When I was in the taxi in Bangkok, I even plan how to attack the bad drivers if they wanted kidnapped us. (LOL!Yes, I think too far sometimes.) I would just take my shoes off and slap it on his face!


Crop top from Zara
Joni Jeans from Topshop
Bag from Prada
Shoes from Melissa 

Can't wait for my another pair :)

Find out more about Melissa here :
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