Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The day i saw my pictures in a pornographic website

At first, I hesitated to write this blog post. 

Should I or should I not?

But here it goes.

Few weeks ago, while I was at home, clicking FB away, a stranger sent me a message. He said, do you know the name __________? 

I said no and then he replied.

I think your pictures are being used in a pornographic website.

I was like wtffffffff. -______-||||||

To my horror, YES it was indeed my pictures in a pornographic website but with a different name.

Someone has created a profile of me inviting MEN to do disturbing stuff 

Example :  Making a video of them jerking off with my picture

I was stunned. I didn't know how to react. 

When I saw the videos, I was so grossed out. OMG there are sick people in this world!

The purpose of me sharing this is that WHOEVER saw it and thought perhaps Im selling my pictures online or me being a prostitute / escort / sex maniac, YOU ARE WRONG. 

I have a slight clue of who had done this. Perhaps he's reading this now. Yup, it's a HE. I kinda knew it as I saw some pictures of what he posted of me and he stupidly left some clue. 

I've reported it to the police and was asked to take this case to SKMM

So I went to SKMM in Cycber Jaya.

Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission

I reported my case there and was asked to wait as they figure out what to do.

I just wanted my FAKE profile to vanish.

It's seriously not good for my name.

2 weeks later, my profile was gone and I was so happy. I just don't want people to think I'm that kind of girl.

He mainly stole my pictures from my Blog and Facebook. 

Like I said, I kinda know who he is and straight away I went and search for his Facebook profile, he changed his name and I was shocked to see that he's now married with a kid.

Just to let you know, the police are watching. Don't do this again or else I won't hesitate to make a move AGAIN.

So girls, be careful of who you mix with, that person maybe just a normal friendly guy, but you will never know....

Ending this post with a cute cat gif that made my day!


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