Sunday, 18 August 2013

fashion bazaar

Im writing this on a Sunday night, 18 of August 2013 after a long weekend. From my beloved cousin Sheena's surprise proposal to Jasiminne&Sheena's Birthday Party at Berjaya penthouse with the HIGH SCHOOL theme party :) I shall blog about those 2 soon.

I just got home not too long ago, we checked out late as usual. Slept at 6am and had breakfast at 4pm. The sandman is seriously throwing the sleepy sand on my eyes. @_@

Marcus just cut persimmon for me. I heart persimmon alot. We called it Angkee. It's a type of fruit.
Now I feel like eating maggie mee... ASAM LAKSAAAA!!!! My favourite.

Ok ok, enough nonsense and random stuff!

I will be hosting a Fashion Bazaar this coming Saturday! YAY! Like finally ~

fashionbfinal copy

Share this picture ( curi from my blog NOW ) and get a free gift from me! Just show me on that day with your mobile phone! You can either share it on Instagram and tag me or via Facebook :)

So, do come early incase I ran out of free gifts!
Start by 12 noon. SHOP first then only EAT! ahhha JOKING!

 Can't wait to meet you all!

My friend's boutique is the same row as papa rich, super easy to find on the first floor :) You wont get lost :P

OK, Im gonna sleep now. Its 9:38 pm now.


Wait.. should I cook maggie mee now? 
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