Monday, 12 August 2013


Hello everyone!!! Hope your Raya Holiday has been treating you well :) I was also busy during the long weekend hence I didn't blog much last week at all

 Got KAKAOTALK YET???????? 
Tmrw ( WEDNESDAY, 14th AUGUST from 2-4pm, I will be in Nuffnang office along with other bloggers to CHAT with anyone who added me on their Kakaotalk list! )


Yes, LIVE CHAT! Only tomorrow from 2-4 pm and you can ask me any questions which concerns fashion, entrepreneurship , styling, beauty, plastic surgery, babies, married life or even about the Gucci Photoshoot :) 

I will definitely answer you back, so add me now on KAKAOTALK! and lets CHAT!

I was very sick on the second day of Raya because of food poisoning! I vomitted about 10 times :( so sad! and Im still suffering from it :( Now Im down with fever and soar throat! Damn suffering! But thank goodness my husband has been so kind cooking for me and fattening me up! I lost 3kg :( But now slowly gaining all my weight back! Also, I got Ouran High School Host Club to entertain me! Yup, I started watching this series all over again as I forgotten most about it! You all got any good shojo to introduce to me??? I am super in love with SHOJO right now! I love dramatic love stories! Do recommend yeah if you happen to talk to me via KAKAOTALK or here also no problem! 

This week is gonna be hectic as well because it's the GOLEK UNIT PARTY in Berjaya Penthouse!! Woohoo!! 

Signing off now to a special meeting for a new upcoming fashion project! 
Do keep in touch via Instagram @michiekins 


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