Monday, 22 July 2013

Rome Part 1

I absolutely adore Rome. It's definitely a picturesque city. We spent 4 nights in Rome so I'll split Rome into two parts :) Marcus booked a local tour for this but after the tour, I seriously don't think you need a tour guide for this. Vatican City and Fontana YES, but not so much for the Colosseum as there are many descriptions as you walk around.

 I brought my Casio EX-ZR700 with me for our honeymoon as this compact camera is best suited for travellers! If you dont want to carry the big and bulky DSLR, this is much a better and lighter option. Perhaps your husband can carry the DSLR and us, girls can carry this Casio EX-ZR700, thats what Marcus and I did. Some days we just carry our Casio camera as we wanted to travel light while sightseeing. One of the most famous spot in Rome, is the Colosseum. It felt so unreal when we were there. It was totally mind blowing for both of us, we could'nt belive that we were there, standing inside. It was so surreal. This is where the gladiators fought and it's say that many christians were killed here. As we were lining up waiting for our local tour guide to bring us in, I actually tested the ZOOM feature of this camera. This is their Super Resolution (SR) mode which you can zoom 18x and 36 x.

This is a picture where I was standing and I just zoom to the arch. Look at it, I was amazed, so is Marcus. He said should have just left the DSLR at home! LOL :D

 Where I stand to zoom at the arch

 @_@ so clear! Loving this Super Resolution mode!

 One of the main reason why I wanted to go to Rome was so visit Fontana Di Trevi, the fountain of LOVE :) It's so beautiful that I actually went there twice, once in the evening and once afternoon.

 Zoom right into Neptune's statue :)

 Another one of my favourite feature of the Casio Exilim EX-ZR700 is the ART Shot, they've got HDR Art, Toy Camera, Soft Focus, Light Tone, POP, Sepia, Mono Chrome, Miniature and Fish -Eye to play around. My favourite would be Toy Camera.

 It automatically makes this picture more vintage and I love the colours very much!

With the soft focus shot

  With Mono Chrome Shot

 Still, I prefer the Toy Camera Shot best! :D Plus, not many camera has this art filter

 So tired after a long day :) But it was definetly an awesome experience.

See you Rome Part 2

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