Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Standard Chartered Worldsmiles Credit Card :)

Everyone loves holiday and everyone deserves a good holiday, away from work where you can relax, unwind, learn about new cultures, and just basically chill from all the stress from work. I've travelled to a few places and Maldives and Europe is one of the best Ive been too.

OK, back to holidayyyyy! Here's some video of my family holiday in Maldives before the wedding, look how crystal clear and blue the water is! It is so surreal and amazing

Oh how I miss Maldives! It's definetely a must visit! I want to go back there again and I wanna experience W Maldives!

W maldives

 I also want to travel to United States next year, Ive got my US Visa for 10 years but Ive never been there before. I really want to visit California for the summer loving, New York to visit the big apple and  also to hop on the Gossip Girl Tour bus! 

How I wish I can redeem for flight tickets because they are are so expensive :(

But now you can! With Standard Chartered Worldsmiles Credit Card :)  

How cool is it when you apply for the Standard Chartered WorldMiles MasterCard World Credit Card, you can collect points and then fly for free over 100 places? All you need to do is apply and upon your card activation, you will receive 25 000 complimentary AirAsia BIG Points which takes you to either Phuket, Bangkok, Bali, Siem Reap or many oher places. You may also convert your choice of flying with Malaysia Airline Enrich Miles, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles or AirAisa BIG Points!

Visit : and click APPLY NOW

How I miss snorkeling in Maldives! For whoever apply this awesomecard, please visit Maldives, ok? I highly recommened it :)

You may choose your preferred airlines
Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines or Air Asia

 Now you can redeem your flight and enjoy the holiday you deserve! Spend more time with your family, take everyone on a holiday! After all, family is the most important :)

This ADV is brought to you by Standard Chartered

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