Sunday, 14 July 2013

Dove Deo Whitening 7 days challenge!

Hey everyone! Last few week I blogged about Dove Deo Whitening and I've tried all of their range. From original to silky to unscented :)

I participated in the Dove Deo Whitening 7 day challenge and these are my personal thoughts.

I like to use Dove Deo Whitening Original for sports mainly. As it is scented and I feel fresh and I smell good all the time :) Plus with the spray, it gives me a cool feeling because I start excersicing.

For Silky, I love to use it everyday to complete my normal chores like what housewives does, cleaning the house, cooking, buying grocerys and shopping, hehe! It suits best for everyday use.

For Unscented, I love to use it during work, my work as in going for events. This is because Dove Deo is unscented and it wont mix with my perfume. Thus, I get to use my own perfume and get to feel more confindence so that I wont have smelly underarms when I mingle around.

On housewife cleaning mode

I know many other brands out there doesn't have the unscented ones as it usually comes with their own frangance, so I think I love this best as it wont clash with my perfume that Im currently using.

My underarms is definitly smoother and brighter but not too bright till the colour is indifferent. I can't live without Dove Deo Whitening as I get smelly underarms quick because I tend to sweat a lot when Im nervous. Not joking. I even have sweaty palms which is quite bad condition.

If you'd asked me which one is best suited for my lifestyle, it would be Dove Deo Unscented :) because I get to wear my own perfume without clashing of frangance.  

Dove Deo Whitening Unscented

What I also love about this product is that it's rich with Vitamin E and F which is essential for healthy, smooth skin.

Many people dont care about underarms as we dont always show it, but if we dont take care of it, the faul smell is obviously there. If you missed my post on how to take care of underarms, here it is : Dove Deo


Thank you Dove for bringing my confidence back :)
I’m super satisfied after completing the Dove 7 Day challenge!

Dove Whitening Original, Dove Whitening Silk Dry and Dove Whitening Unscented Roll-On retails at RM 7.20 (40ml) and Dove Whitening Original Spra retails at RM 14.40 (169ml). The deodorants can be purchased at leading pharmacies and supermarkets.

Dove Statement:
Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd has always respected the religious beliefs and practices of its consumers and is sensitive to the needs and varying concerns of all its consumers.
As a manufacturer of leading brands in foods, home care and personal care, Unilever takes all precautions to ensure that the preparation, processing and manufacturing of all its products meet international as well as local standards of quality and requirements.
Dove made for the Malaysian market uses plant based ingredients and is produced via dedicated lines at our sister company factories overseas. As such, we would like to reassure our consumers that Dove range of products meet the requirement of all consumers, including the Muslim community.

This ADV is brought to you by Dove.
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