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Honeymoon in Paris

We arrived in Paris around 6 am after a long 13 hours flight with MAS airlines. The flight was dreadful as the sits of MH 20 was so small even though it was the Airbus 380. We both sat at the upper deck and I certainly did not enjoy my flight. At first I was quite excited for the Airbus 380 as I sat the Singapore Airbus A380  during my flight to London few years ago when Lina graduated and the seats were huge and super comfy, they even have  leg rest in the economy class and even gave us stockings and toiletries. I was shocked when I saw our seats in MAS, I was like WOAH habislah my flight. Plus I didn't had my neck pillow and there was no toiletries or stockings for both of us.

When we arrived at Paris, we were so blur because of lack of sleep as the sit was so uncomfortable! After we took our luggage, we were looking for a cab to our hotel and we simply just agree to this guy who is well dressed who claimed that he's a taxi driver. We agreed without asking the price and the next thing you know, we were ushered to a Passat CC and the fare was 100euros. Normally, its about 50-65 euros only. But it was comfy car ride and we didn't mind spending after a long and dreadful flight. We both slept in the car as Paris was very jam in the morning. It took us nearly 2 hours to reach our hotel. Normally it takes about 45 mins to reach city center. 

This would be my third time to Paris, and knowing Paris, all of their hotels are very small. Some dont even have lifts, some have lifts, but only can fit 3 person. We book the honeymoon suite at Vice Versa Hotel designed by Chantell Thomas and their theme was the 7 deadly sins which I thought was pretty cool. Leonard, my neighbour was the one who suggested it and I fell in love with all the pictures from the web.

DSC03916 DSC03914
Chilling at the lobby while waiting for our room

Then after one hour of waiting ( because we arrived early ) finally we get to freshen up in our room. I super love the interior of our LUST room :) And this was the biggest room they had and trust me, it's quite small already.

DSC03917 DSC03919 DSC03921 DSC03925 DSC03929

The shower and bath tub was amazing! esp after a long day of walking, they even had a special purple light for the tub! How sexyyyyy :p 

After freshing up, it was time to SHOP. Yes, Paris was all about shopping for the first day. Second day was sightseeing. We took a cab to Printemp and I fell in love! It's now my favourite shopping mall! A lot of luxury items, well decorated and organised; and the hunting adventure begins. I've longed for a Celine bag and always wanted a black mini luggage! The cab cost us about RM 40 to get to Printemp altho it's not that far. Yes, cab is super expensive. We had to pay another RM 40 to get back to the hotel. Hotel to Printemps was about 15 mins only and it's pronounce Pron-ton ( Printemps ) 

Upon arriving at Printemp, I went to the Celine shop first to find my bag. I walked in, browse thru and didn't see any Luggage bags that I like, it was all multi coloured and I was heart broken. They had a lot of Phantoms though. So, I asked if they had any more in their store. One kind lady actually went to the store and took out a few Luggage for me. I remember one in dirty green, one multi coloured and one full black with python skin.

There are a lot of chinese and japanese sales executives who speaks well french, chinese and japanese as Printemp is packed with tourists.

You see, the normal leather Luggage bag is only 1800 Euros in Paris and it's cheaper because it made in Paris, the one with the python skin was double the price. It took me some time to think if I wanted it as they asked me to try their other outlets which was a bit far away and they could not guarantee if they have it there. So I just bought it and was so happy with my purchase.

I named it Cece.

After that, I went to Saint Laurent and got a shoe for Marcus :) I posted about the shoe before and decided to buy for Marcus and he looks good in it! So, our first day at Paris was a good shopping trip. We got what we wanted. Then it was straight to the park to chill under the sun.

DSC03931 DSC03932


Dress from H&M
Outer wear from ZARA
Bag from PRADA
Ballerina flats from H&M

DSC03936 DSC03937 DSC03943 DSC03941 DSC03945

 We ate escargot everyday when we were in Paris! It's the best! :D We stopped for a light snack after a long day of walking. I was actually wearing my Louboutins at first. Parisian knows their brand very well, as I was walking, I could hear people talking in french, something something Louboutin, I turned around and saw this old couple starring at my shoes. Even an old Parisian lady knows a Louboutin when she sees one. I was shocked, but amazed :) Parisian women do dress properly and I even bought a book on how to dress chic like a Parisian woman. Will share some advise on my next post :)

Marcus then took me to the restaurant that we went after he proposed at the Eiffel Tower. Can you see it at the back ground? This was about 8-9 pm. Yes, during summer, the sun sets quite late :)


The day ended with us both smiling looking at the Eiffel Tower glittering at night.

Day 2: We had breakfast at the hotel room and the restaurant theme was Gluttony :) Isn't that cute?

DSC03965 DSC03967

Then it was sightseeing day! I actually planned to visit Montmantre which is quite located a bit further from the city center. They have the beautiful Sacrè Coeur up the hill which have this amazing view of the city.

This is where I shouted at the Nigerians, if you saw my Facebook status.

DSC03970 DSC03975 DSC03976 DSC03982

This is a picture taken from up the hill where Sacre Coeur is. There are only 2 ways of exiting to the ground. Right and left steps, and at those steps, there are at least 10 nigerians trying to sell something like a bracelet to you. It's a string kinda bracelet. Benang sahaja.

When they saw Marcus and me walking down the steps, about 7-8 of them approached us and asked us to look at it and buy it. Of course we didn't care much and wanted to walk away. The next thing you know, they somehow separated us with 4 person around me and the rest managed to push marcus to the far right. 

I was politely saying NO to them and shooked my head, one of them insisted that I tried it on and he suddenly just hold my wrist very tightly

I felt something wasn't right. If I don't want it, of course I won't buy it right? Plus its just a thread!
I was a bit scared already when he was holding me and hated that they separated us.

The next thing you know, I was so brave that I just shouted at him

LET ME GO! I said loudly, starring at his eyes fiercely. ( I know some of my good friends will be laughing because they say I don't look fierce at all and when I'm angry, I look cuter LOL ) He could feel the tension in my eyes, perhaps thats why he let me go right away. I was so pissed off that he was kinda hurting my wrist and I just walked away asking Marcus to follow me. He then just looked at me fiercely but I didn't care less and those guys were huge. I know they won't harm us at a tourist spot.

I actually can't believe I did that. Normally, if you know me ( I know my friends do ) I will just submit and purchase, but that was too much!!!!! 

If you guys ever plan to visit Sacre Coeur, you must either super walk fast or walk when there's a big group walking up the hill so that they will be distracted by many tourist at one go. That's what we did during the second slope down. 

Trust me, they will try to be super friendly and say NI HAO MA or KONICIWA and they only attack tourist! There was no tourist police at that area.

There are also many nigerians who sells fake LV and Chanel on the street, but those people will not harm you but they will hard sell and follow you if you don't buy from them once you showed a bit of interest.

Found this article online about it :

Not only that, I had another incident in the metro as well, but this one quite funny!

I was sitting in the metro and there was this nigerian guy who sat right opposite me. He just took out his phone and pretended to check it. I kinda know he was going to take a picture of me somehow as he was just starring at me in the metro and I could feel that he was aiming the camera at me.

You know what I did?

I just show my pissed off face straight at his phone camera and he JUMPED a little. LOL
His expression was priceless HAHHAHAHA!

Ok Ok, back to Sacre Coeur :)
* think happy thoughts*



Blouse from TOPSHOP
Jeans from TOPSHOP
Shoes and stockings from H&M
Bag from CELINE

DSC03999 DSC04000

There's a lot of souvenir shops in Montmantre :) Bought quite a few stuff here. It is truly a beautiful place.

DSC04003 DSC04007

Do you fancy Cece? :D

Our second day at Paris ended up pretty OK :) Then we had to go back and start packing for Milan as we are flying there quite early in the morning!

See you all in the next Milan post! :)


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