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Dove Deo Whitening

Your Underarms Matter

When it comes to underarms, the first thing that comes to my mind was :
I dont have underarm hair. Perhaps if I'm lucky I'll have 2 strain of hair on my left, right has none at all. Some might consider I'm lucky, but sometimes I think to myself, is something wrong with me? Haven't I hit puberty at all? -_- But come to think again, I am very lucky indeed. Everytime I hang out with my girls and this subject came up, they will all be jealous of me! They often tell me that it's so irritating and how hard it is to keep it clean, how they shave or wax which results to some painful matters.

For me, besides being lucky of having no hair, I do have a slightly darker tone underarm for no reason. I mean, shouldn't it be the fairest since it's always closed up?

I know most women don't really pay attention to their underarms because of most of them are covered up. A Southeast Asia survery revealed that 91 percent of women believe that their underarm can be seen as a beauty asset. However, 45 percent rank their underarms as one of the three most undesirable body parts. Some think that it kinda look like chicken skin, do you agree?

Most Malaysian women I know shave or pluck their underarm hair but did not realized that the damages caused by these practices can cause irritation which leads to dark and damaged skin. This is when Dove Whitening range comes in handy. As you all know, Dove is no stranger in the beauty world. I have used some of their products and I am a very statisfied customer of theirs. One of my favourite would be their hair conditioner.

Dove recently unveiled it's whitening deodorant range enriched with Dove's unique ¼ moisturising cream to lighten and smoothen underarm skin. It is also clinically tested that the moisturising effects of the Dove Whitening range gives women even-toned and lighter underarm skin that is smooth and soft in 7 days!

I was lucky enough to attend their Dove Deo launch and was given consultation under Professor and Consultant Dermatologist, Dr. Irene Lee. During her presentation, she said that underarm skin is unique and very delicate as it has a weaker barrier function to other bodily skin sites. When women shave, one third of what they remove is skin. As a result, regular shaving leads to further dry and damaged skin. The most important step for damaged underarm skin is to be gentle and provide adequate moisture to allow natural healing.

They also let me print a top with any qoutes that I like and I printed out : 'Confidence is sexy' because confidence is something that it's in you! You feel powerful and knows that everything is under control and you flaunt it and thats the sexiest part!

The event was held at Carcosa Seri Negara where we given a talk about underarm by Dr. Irene, followed by a pampering session of massage and pedicure. Of course I chose Blue colour as it's Dove's signature colour.

Ok, back to underarms! Here are some tips for you, prepared by Dove


  1. It whiten the skin with Licorice root extract
- Licorice root extract is a well known skin whitening active ingredient that contains several active compounds known to suppress skin darkening.

    1. Smoothen skin with Sunflower Seed Oil
- Contains Vitamin E & Vitamin F fatty acid which is essential for healthy, smooth skin.

    1. Replenishes skin moisture with glycerol
- Glycerol penetrates the upper layer of the skin and acts as a sponge to absorb water ( from the formulation or skin ) and holds it there.

I was introduced to 3 of their Dove Deo Whitening range :

Dove Whitening Original
The Original Dove deodorant variant gives you visible whitening and smoothening results.

Dove Whitening Silk Dry
The whitening deodorant that lets you wear silk every day.

Dove Whitening Unscented
The deodorant that whitens while keeping you feeling light and fresh all day. Dove Whitening Unscented allows you to wear your favourite perfume without clashing scents from your deodorant.

How does Dove care for your underarms?

Helps skin recover from irritation from shaving and plucking

Reduces further damage from removing underarm hair by improving skin resilience.

Lightens darkened underarms for more beautiful, revealable underarms.

Last and certainly not least,
Dove has been proven to be effective in preventing sweat and odour

With Dove, you can see the difference in just 7 days!
By the way! Im taking up the Dove Deo 7 days challenge! So, stay tuned for the second blog post where I will tell you all how it goes! I can't wait to see the results!

Dove Whitening Original, Dove Whitening Silk Dry and Dove Whitening Unscented Roll-On retails at RM 7.20 (40ml) and Dove Whitening Original Spra retails at RM 14.40 (169ml). The deodorants can be purchased at leading pharmacies and supermarkets.

This ADV is brought to you by Dove.

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