Monday, 3 June 2013

Michiekins Random # 2

Hellloooooooo!!!! How was your weekend? 
Mine was great on Friday night, and I suffered from hang over the next day! But it was pure fun! I've got VIP invites to the Moet x The Great Gatsby event in Zouk and it was free flow Moet all night long :) OK, back to Michiekins Random #2! If you've misssed part 1, here's the link : Michiekins Random #1

Fashion :

Dressing up like the 1920s! Inspired by the movie, The Great Gatsby! All you need is a flapper dress, head piece, pearls and you are all set! Will blog more about this later!


Hmm... I would like to recommend a classic movie with a modern twist : Marie Antoinette!
It was directed by one of my fav movie director, Sofia Coppola :) What I love about this movie is their soundtracks!! Super awesome indie music with a twist of classical drama because the movie is set during the French Revolution! I love their costumes as well! It's a must watch k!

Music :

I have always been a fan of Mariah Carey since I don't know when and her latest song featuring Miguel was so exception! It's called #Beautiful, how dreammyyyyyyy :)


Food :

GO AND TRY THREE LITTLE PIGS AND BIG BAD WOLF breakfast if you haven't! It's located in Bangsar Village 1 :) I love that they serve all day breakfast! Great for Saturdays and Sundays :) Yup, the big bad wolf ate almost everything.

Gossip :

I seriously wonder what happened to Amanda Bynes? :( I used to like her in Nickelodeon where she play this angry little girl who reads letters /answering to people's problem... I seriously hope she will be OK! :(

Random thoughts :

Do not wear seat belts just because you are afraid of saman, wear it because it will protect you! 

Have a nice day everyone! 


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