Thursday, 23 May 2013

Plastic Surgery by VIP KOREANA

I have to admit, Im getting old. Im not getting any younger and the day/month/year just seem to pass by so quickly. I cant believe I'm 27 and I hope I won't get more wrinkles as I age. Admit it, everyone wants to be beautiful. Everyone wants the perfect face shape with the perfect body shape.

I did consider plastic surgery before, perhaps to make my eyes more balance? bigger boobs? higher cheekbones? Perhaps some botox as well? hehe...

As you all know Im a customer of ViP KOREANA, who has done wonders to help me clear my acne problems with undergoing FCR and Laser Treatment FCO2. You may read about it here: FCR // FCO2

None the less, ViP Koreana is exclusively affiliated to VIP International Plastic Surgery Center in Korea which is actually famous for PLASTIC SURGERY AS WELL!

I had the chance to meet Dr Lee Myung Ju who is the chief plastic surgeon from VIP International Plastic Surgery Center in Korea, and he examined my face as I wanted to know what he thinks... So I asked him, what should I do to make me look prettier? He straight away touch my nose as there's a hook at my nose that he say should be removed and making it look more feminine as the hook gives me a bit of a boyish nose. 

Dr Lee is famous for his Mid-Face Harmony surgery which creates a HARMONIOUS BALANCED FACE 

Dr Lee uses various surgical methods for rhinoplasty (nose job) to give his patients a more beautiful and proportional profile view but his specialty is by using RIB CARTILAGE GRAFT rhinoplasty. In simple explanation, RIB CARTILAGE GRAFT RHINOPLASTY is using your own harvest rib cartilage to reconstruct  and augment your nose. The results is very long lasting, natural and gives great satisfaction and the risk of infection is greatly reduced with this method compared to full silicone rhinoplasty.

Here's some of his customer's profile BEFORE and AFTER :


Here's the simulation that he did for me after he examines my face:

As you can see, my forehead is pushed forward, the nose hook has been removed, the chin is pushed outer to create a harmony look which Dr Lee is famous for.

What do you all think? Should I go for it?

By the way, ViP KOREANA is opening it's new branch in MID VALLEY today, Saturday and Sunday! Everyone is welcome to the grand opening as there would be door gifts and special anniversary promotions up for grabs! I will be there on Saturday with my bunch of girlfriends! Do drop by if you are free!

Dr Lee the famous surgeon will be there as well, so come and join me and get the latest Korean beauty tips!

For those who are interested, you may call Cheri from ViP Koreana at 0163322489  for more information. All surgery will be performed in Korea. For more information, you may visit this website

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