Saturday, 18 May 2013

Michiekins Random #1

 My random wild cards where I write about my thoughts for the latest music, fashion, food, gossips, movies and personal random thoughts!

Welcome to #1

Fashion : Elegantology

Attended the event last night and was blown away by Chris Yong's designs! Shall blog about it more soon! I was there to cover the event and was treated like a VIP :) Had a nice dinner while the fashion show was going on! 

Movie : The Great Gatsby

WATCH THE GREAT GATSBY NOW! I never even read the synopsis because I knew that the 1920s, Moet, Tiffany&co and Leonardo Dicaprio movie cannot go wrong. I LOVE the costume, the music and the entire atmosphere! How I wish I get to live in the 1920s :( It was remarkable and amazing movie about love, power and selfishness. I highly recommend it! 

Music : The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

 I am in love with the whole soundtrack from The Great Gatsby! I even downloaded the whole album! My favourite songs are Lana Del Ray : Young & Beautiful and Will.I.Am : Bang Bang

Food : Alexis

Im in love with Alexis's PAVLOVA cake! I mean, how come I didn't discover it sooner? All thanks to Nana and Sukins who recommended it :) It's my current favourite! Once, I had Pavlova 2 days in a row! Sinful.

Gossip : David Beckham

I cant belive he quit football! What's happening in the football world? First Fergie and now David! I guess he just want to spend more time with this kids plus they are indeed super rich! Now David can stay home while Victoria works!

Random thoughts : My Spice Girl Stationary File

I recently had this old memory that came back to me: When I was in high school, my aunty who was living in Scotland bought me the SPICE GIRLS stationaries that comes with a A4 File, Pen, Papers that had Spice Girls pictures on it and I brought it to school. Coincidentally, my school has SPOT CHECK that very day. OMG damn long never hear that word, LOL! Anyways, the pengawas / prefect took my SPICE GIRL File and I cried madly LOL. I was Form 2 or 3 that time! I quickly ran out from the science lab ( we were not allowed to bring in school bags in the science lab ) and stopped them, because in my mind I thought they will throw it away. Luckily a senior friend came out and helped me because she saw me crying from across the classroom :P and of course helped me get it back as it's a gift from my aunt! I totally forgot her name, but THANK YOU!

I found the exact same stationaries online! weeee~~~ bring back awesome memories! GIRL POWER FTW!

Till the next wild card! Stay tuned for #2!


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