Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Chandon for everyone!

Everyone knows Im a champagne lover. Some even asked me to name my first born


 I was invited to the Chandon event and had a chance to meet Glenn Thompson who is the Chandon winemaker from Australia :) Funny story is I met his colleague who happens to be Chris's cousin who is working as a scientist for LVMH in Australia.

Small world indeed.

 My look for the night, simple makeup with a plain white dress from Double Woot :)
I love the cutting of this dress very much! 

There I met Monica, who is an expatriate blogger of the YUM LIST :)

 The event took place at Ril's Bangsar and when I arrived, I was greeted with a glass of Chandon Sparkling and then they pinned a flower brooch on my dress and yes, I choose FORGET ME NOTS as I love the colour purple very much 

We were given a menu of 4 dishes to compliment the Chandon Sparkling and Still Wines.
Glenn carefully choose the menu and selected the flavours and textures of the food for which wine to go with that has the similar characteristics.

I've tried the Chandon Sparkling wine before this event, it's the sister company of Moet & Chandon :) I even had a couple of Chandon bottles during my hen's night as well.

My favourite would be the Chandon Brut Rose is it's refreshing and it has this crisp taste at the end :)

Chandon Brut Rosé
Sashimi of red snapper, with pink grapefruit, coriander & green chili pesto,
extra virgin olive oil and pink Himalayan rock salt

Domaine Chandon Chardonnay 2010
Seared foie gras, pickled acar salad, toasted peanuts and caramelised pineapple jam

Domaine Chandon Pinot Noir 2011
Whole crispy quail on a bed of braised daikon, served with sticky soy- anise liquor,
spiced cherry wanton and deep-fried ginger shards

Domaine Chandon Shiraz 2010
Wagyu rib eye, served at the table with crispy chives, star anise and a ginger-soy reduction

"A chardonnay led méthode traditionnelle sparkling wine, Chandon Brut is crafted as a fresh and elegant aperitif style wine, with a soft, generous palate and a crisp finish."

I was also lucky enough to win a bottle of Chandon together with a bouquet of roses during the lucky draw! I was the first winner and Monica wanted it also and I gave her my lucky by rubbing her hands, and guess what! She won the next round! :D 

The lucky winners with Jessie and Glenn 

 It is so prettttyyyyyyy :D I love how the florist played with the fish bowl as part of the gift. How creative!

Then the next day, I was also invited for a girl's night out with Chandon! This was a really really realllyyy FUN party as we played spin the bottle with TRUTH AND DARE!

Yes, there was many questions about SEX! 

A special cocktail that Glenn did for the Chandon event :) We actually down it! 

Chandon and strawberry!

They also serve 4 different wine of Chandon with complimentary food to go with!
So far my favourite would be the Chandon Brut, Rose, and Chardonnay :)
I am not a fan of the REDS, but according to my friend, it is as good

 With my date, Jolyna Tan

Then the following week was the Passion for Fashion event in Butter Factory and Belvedere was the main liquor of the night! Everything is so blue and coooooolllll :)

I arrived early that night as I got a flight to catch at 10 am!

I love love love the decoration of the night! It was somehow classy and sexy

Loving the Belvedere balloons!

With Sheena, my date of the night!

We left before the fashion show as we've got a flight to catch early in the morning! A short fun night out is still good but not when Im half drunk packing my stuff! I ended up packing nonsense to Pulau Wey! Couldn't even match my bikinis properly! But it was a good night indeed :)

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