Thursday, 9 May 2013


Who doesn't like men who dresses up?

As a fashion lover, of course I do encourage Marcus to dress up too and yes, he does seek fashion advise on what to wear on certain occasion. Sometimes he even take a longer time to dress up than me! LOL

I love guys who are metrosexual. I love how they style themselves and look good with it!

Fashion gives you confident and makes you look sexy altho you are covered with layers of clothes.

I dont know about you, but I find girls in men's shirt very sexy! Like how Coco Chanel started wearing men inspired faashion during the 1920s and it was a big hit!

"Women are definitely embracing menswear-inspired fashion with the ubiquitous shirtdresses."

I know many guys agree when a girl wears a men shirt, they look even sexier! It some how shows a different side of you. Girls who dress skimpy doesnt mean their sexy, it's just trashy!

For guys who loves to dress up or guys who wants to dress up but dont know where to start,
I have good news for you.

Yup, today's post is for the men who loves fashion and who loves to dine!
Great combination, right?

Have you guys ever heard of Elegantology?

It's a creative space where you can dine, drink and shop!

It's an amazing collaboration of local designer Beatrice Looi and celebrity chefs Sherson Lian & Johnny Fua and not forgetting the oldest cognac, Martell!

They offer exclusive men's fashion and lifestyle products through co-creations with reputable local designers. Not only that it's also a restaurant where celebrity chefs Sherson Lian and Johnny Fua who will constantly refresh the menu through collaborations with rising guest chefs by only using the best ingredients which keeps the Ever-changing menu evolving and to create a new dining experiences.

This is the joint effort to help develop a creative space for emerging talent stemmed from a mutual goal of supporting the local creative platforms of fashion and gastronomy.

I certainly can't wait for their grand opening on 17th May 2013 in Publika!
There will be menswear fashion show by Beatrice Looi and various local celebrities and personalities are going to spice up the launch of this creative space like Patricia K and Hansen Lee. I heard DJ Nadine Ann Thomas will be spinning! Can't wait to see the smart and beautiful Miss Universe again!

I certaintly can't wait for this event! See you there :)

Want to find out more and RSVP for this event? Click here :

Remember to also LIKE their FB page for fashion tips and updates on the Ever -changing menu:




My flight was delayed for about an hour in Acheh when I was suppose to reach Malaysia by 2 pm so that I could vote. It was my first time voting and I was very excited. I landed about 3 pm, rushed to Bandar Sunway and berjaya to vote by 4:45. I was contented! At least I know I did my job as a Malaysian.


This is my story. Ive never been so patriotic before. I know I don't say much on my Facebook or neither I did share anything on my wall. All I wanted was peace and didn't want anyone to comment anything about politics as I know a 'fight' might have started. I already have friends who people unfriend them of Facebook because of this. You read it right. People starting to unfriend their friends just because of this. I thought it was utter nonsense.

About 7, I was ready to leave my house to pick my friends up as we planned to go in one car, easier to find parking and more convenient cause we know there will be a lot of people. I was actually really scared at first about this event as there were SMSes about how it's illegal, police will be throwing tear gas and some even say it's only a Malay gathering, and Chinese shouldn't join. Later on, we found out that it's a peacefully rally and that's when our journey started. Of course we were stucked in a very bad jam at the Subang Tol. We literally couldn't move because the road was all blocked! It was so bad that everyone came down to check whats going on.

Before you know it, people at the Subang Tol started shouted REFORMASI! and boy, I was amazed how Malaysians was so united! We waited for a good half an hour and knew that traffic wont be moving so we decided to park at the side of the road near Petronas. During that time, I saw police escorting a few cars, at at first I didn't know whose car was it till we saw Nurul Izzah's giant picture with PKR stickers on one of the vehicle. When everyone saw that, they started honking and cheering loudly and letting those car pass by. We thought perhaps Anwar and his gang was inside! Later on, we saw 3 motor cyclist beside us with walkie talkie and they were talking among themselves " mana dia?" and later you know, they were actually fetching Anwar with the motor bike as he was stucked in the jam!

We marched into the stadium and I had goose bumped all over. Ive never seen so many Malaysian united at one place. It was jam packed! I could feel the spirit on Malaysian wanting for a CHANGE.
It was truly inspiring! The event was so peaceful and every time there was an photo opportunity, everyone would run there and take photos and be photographed and people were so friendly :)

Everyone stood up and sang NEAGARKU and it was indeed emotional. It's been a while since I sang that song.

marcus, jolyna, ben, chris and me :)

I was contented. At least I know that many of us haven't gave up on Malaysia and I certainly can't wait to tell my children that ma and pa was there at Stadium Kelana Jaya to witness this special event.

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