Sunday, 5 May 2013

DiGi Deezer

I have always been a fan of music. I listen to all kinds of genre but feel in love with Indie music. When I was growing up, my eldest brother influenced my choice of music. I was into indie and alternative during my adolescent years. Then I move from jazz for a while to RNB and Hip Hop. Now? I do listen a bit of house electro as well. Music sets me in the mood... I love listening to Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead when Im feeling down, I love listening to the SPICE GIRLS when Im getting dressed up for the night and I love listening to oldies like the 60's 70's music at night.

I just recently discover Deezer, an exciting and truly global music app which has about 20 million tracks, offline access, worldwide access and access via IPTV or an audio system. You can build your own playlist and share it via social media like FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

I attended the launch of DiGi and Deezer and was excited about this new app. With this partnership, customers can enjoy free Deezer Premium + with selected packages. Customers who sign up with selected postpaid , tablet and broadband plans for smart devices, or purchse bundled packages for smart devices, can enjoy 3 months of free subcription to Deezer Premium + . Customers can also opt for a special package under Deejay at RM 8 per month which includes access to DIGI CallerTunes playlist. The Deezer Premium+ subscription also come free throughout the device contract (24 months) selected SmartPlans.

Not only that, to optimize Deezer's global platform, DiGi intends to work with local indie labels to help them promote homegrown talents to a wider audience.

What I really like about this app is that you can share your playlist in your Facebook account and you can also view your friend's playlist. I dont know about you guys, but during my age... a mix tape is a declaration of love :) Now I guess with Deezer, you could make a mix tape for your love ones. Isn't that sweet and romantic? I did one for Marcus during our first date :) Music expresses evand he did one for me too. But too bad Ive lost the CD! How I wish Deezer was invented back then and I would still have my playlist that he made for me! Perhaps I'll pass him my phone and ask him to create a new playlist for me using the Deezer app.

I arrived at the event early because I didnt know where the location was. Luckily I wasn't lost in Shah Alam. I met my fellow blogger, Ernest the famous blogger who draws comic in his blog.

Before the main event started, we were ushered to a room where we could learn more about Deezer and play some games to win prizes!

This young lady was kind enough to teach me what Deezer is all about. I even played the game when she gave me the headphone to listen a song and just guess who is the artist. I had totally no clue that it was JUSTIN BIEBER. LOL! I NO BELIEBER! LOL!

Photo opt during the event with Praveen Rajan, Head of Products, Aizat Amdan who serenaded us with his latest music, BUNK Face, representatives from music labels like Sony Music and Universal Music and also not forgetting Clement Gosse, Deezer's Business Development Manager for Asia Pacific

This is how the app looks like! Remember to download and add me :) I would love to check out your playlist!

What I also love about this app is that they will share with you similar artist from your playlist for you to explore more options of your prefered genre. You will definetly discover more artist with amazing songs with the Deezer app.

This ADV is brought to you by DiGi

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