Wednesday, 17 April 2013

semua pun mau

I want FURLA SUNSET BAG NOW!!! Too bad Malaysia doesn't carry FURLA :( Nearest should be Singapore and I saw a few FURLA Candy in Bangkok as well.

I think it's the perfect beach bag and perhaps I might get one for my Koh Sa Mui trip :)

 Isn't it gorgeous? Which colour you prefer? I like the purple turquoise one and the yellow purple one

I still want a CELINE bag :) So PRETTYYYY!! I dont know to get the neon fluro colour or a classic colour... hmmm decisions decisions.....

Oh yeah! I also want YSL latest NAIL POLISH!!! in OMBRE!

I mean just look at the colours! I want all of them, from bottom glitter to solid colour to top coat colour!


But Malaysia doesn't carry YSL cosmetics T_T
Have to wait till I travel again :/

Which colour do you like?
 I want all. Semua pun mau. hahaha But I like POP and COOL best :)

Oh Btw, remember Marcus bought for me this DIOR Travel Set?

I used their DIOR MASCARA EXTASE and fell in love with it!

 Ending this post with my emo look, cos someone was so late to fetch me the other day and I had a lot of time to take vain pictures of myself hahah

yes, im talking about Haniz and Amy


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