Tuesday, 9 April 2013

wife and baby

'I do'... said Michiekins, 6 months ago!
OMG I still cant believe it, Im married for half a year now! Still feels like yesterday...

A few things changed after that...

1. I called his mom, MOM... which is weird but I'm slowly getting use to it :) I did call her aunty couple of time :P I still wasn't used to it during the first month! I remember calling her aunty during Christmas, so embarrassing!

2. Calling my husband lou konggggggg ( bulu naik ) 

3. Whenever I fill in a form, I have to tick MARRIED 

4. I started cooking and cleaning more often, imma good wifey

5. Mom in law helping me buy vege so that she can train me to cook for her son

6. More family bonding over dinner/outings with Marcus' family :)

7. The ring which is stuck forever in my finger :)

8. It is so weird when Marcus called my parents MOM and DAD, even he admits that it was weird

9. My sister and cousin siding his side whenever we fought! NOT FAIR! They will scold me and ask me to behave like a WIFE! cis...

10. Us talking about kids and family planning, even my mom asked when Im having kid!

For those of you who are keen to know, we don't really have a plan, when it comes, it comes.. but just not now as Im focusing on my career , perhaps next year we will give it a GO! Or perhaps during our honeymoon! 

If you'd ask me which I want more, a boy or a girl? Besides a healthy baby, I think I want a girl first! although Marcus prefers a boy first! I would want my baby to be fashionable!


I still look back at my wedding videos and pictures now and then, we had an awesome party and I wish we could do this every year! SO THAT I CAN WEAR MY VERA WANG WEDDING GOWN EVERY YEAR! :P

It's now hanging in my closet, sometimes I just open to look at it and smile... it's not doing anything! SHOULD I SELL IT? RENT IT? KEEP IT?

What if my daughter HATES IT??????!!!  :/

I think too far! LOL! I should chill!


AB 0245 (5)

AB 0245 (58)

Michiekins Maldives Crib from michelle ooi on Vimeo.
Marcus and Michelle Wedding from michelle ooi on Vimeo.

Tears of joy! Love this video so much! OK, time to clean the house! Have a blessed Wednesday peeps!

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