Tuesday, 2 April 2013

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So, do you love my new layout? Hope you wont be confused! Since it's already SPRING, I decided to add flowers for the background! It took me few hours to complete this new layout as I wanted a fresh look to lauch my new domain : :) May this SPRING give you peace, serenity, love and health. I am such in a pink mood , a happy mood. Im trying to keep positive energy within me and hopes for good luck 

Not only that Ive changed the entire blog, Ive always change something else. My makeup. Yes, if you didn't realised, or somehow my makeup FAIL, Im trying to create a KOREAN look for me! HAHAH yes I am quite adventurous, used to like the OTONA style and Im still loving it but lately Im more into the KOREAN look, simple and youthful which I think it's very me. As you all know my style of dressing also quite simple. Less is More. Beware, lotsa #selca pictures below!

I did some research on Korean makeup and came up with this little steps! 1. thick eye brow 2. simple mascara 3. prefer peach pink soft colours for eyes and cheek 4. keep it minimal  5. draw your eyeliner as thin as possible and as close to your lash, also draw it downwards to create a more brighter and younger look 

Easy Breezy Beautiful  :) I hope to experiment with more look but right now, Im quite settle for this korean look for now. Here a video / tutorial ? I did for you all ! Hope you enjoy it :) 

Kiss me eyebrow pencil A04 , Dior mascara, Naked Basic WOS eyeshadow, Dollywink mascara and Lipstick by 3 concept eye from KOREA, #408 CHU CHU which is now available at ellie.bie, get yours today :)


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