Monday, 1 April 2013

Lina's Day

Saturday was Lina's birthday, for those who dont know who she is, she is my little sister, hahaha ok, not so little anymore! She is now 26 years old.. OMG! When we were putting the candles on her cake, I suddenly just realised that she's 26, I thought she was 25, how time flies. 

Anyways, she celebrated her birthday in Port Dickson with only her close family and friends. The theme was Bohemian/Boho Beach party but none of them really dress up like one.. and my cousins were all saying that I look like a rich tai tai with my leopard print top! LOL 

This was us setting up our little boho hut :)

As always, Marcus is the head chef while David is the sous chef :)

My cousin Sheena Chan who recently turned K PoP! 

Of course, there was a little selca session before the sun sets!

Half way building our colourful hobo hut, luckily it didnt rain :)

the complete look, with lanterns and colourful cloths!

the birthday girl and her boyfie Jordan

Oh by the way, as you all know that I can sing very well and has already produce 5 albums since 2007, I am currently picking a picture and also the album title and I came up with this for this years album.. 

Let me know what you all think!

One happy guy and two emo girl 

One sesat boy / wanna be ultra man


So which one is a good album cover and title?

Hahahahhaha, APRIL FOOL! Like la I can sing.

Ok, back to the main subject!

I look so greedy right! a haha I was so hungry, this is taken by some drunken guy

I got eye wings!

The OOI's 

The OOI's and LOW

Lina made us this chain to keep as a remembrance :) how creative! 

The last part was the best, Jillian bought sky lanterns and it was our first time liting it up :)

I really hope my wish come true :)

Lina looking at the sky lantern and making sure it flies up up and away... so cute, like a little girl :)

We packed up about 1 am and head back to KL as we had to go to church for EASTER! :)
YEAH, the KING has risen!

I cant believe it's already April and that Ive been married for 6 months now :)

It's finally spring :) I could feel the flowers are starting to bloom although we don't have it here :/


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