Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Im obsessed with...

Dior palate for travelling :) It has everything in it :) Perfect for my honeymoon 

I used the Naked Basic by Urban Decay for my normal makeup everyday, couldnt live without it

I love it when I mix my Chanel Chance and Love Spell by Victoria Secret, best perfume ever 

Since it's going to be spring, Im currently using CHANEL latest spring summer 2013 collection :)favourite lipstick shaped like pencil/crayon! easy for me to draw the line at the edge :) Loving the colour as well! Making it my trademark colour. PINK!

My favourite new toy! SHARP Plasmacluster! CLEAN AIR for everyone!My favourite comic : Sailormoon and Shin Chan, since 1995 :)

Love love love JCFavourite bag, Prada

Im obssed with WORK! SHOP NOW HERE : THEKINS SS20123

Favourite heel : Louboutin! I can never get over the red sole

More spring clothes for me! I wanna look colourful and bright :P

Nope, not really obsessed with muscle. 

So, what are you obsessed with? :)

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