Tuesday, 19 March 2013

FMFA2013 - Smashing

I had a smashing night out at FMFA, nuff said.
For those of you who missed this awesome music festival, don't worry.. just get your tickets for the next one yeah!

I was looking forward to FMFA mainly because THE PRODIGY would be performing and it would definetly bring some childhood, I mean teen hood memories. Good ones.

Also, I just watched tonight you're mine and I was so inspired on how music festivals would be as Ive never been to one.

Thank you Nuffnang for the VIP tickets :)

So, this is how we roll......

Arrived about 6 pm, just before sunset to enjoy the sun a wee bit 


What I wore?
Well, some people couldn't recognize me, some can :)

Im the girl with the neon yellow wig :)

I got a lot attention during FMFA because of this wig.....
People shouting and calling me Lady GAGA! A lot of them! Only one person called me Gwen Stefani, which is my sister

And of course, I took some picture and videos with some random music goers too! :)

All in the name of FUN
but not when they call me Lady GAGA.



Vogue cap by Patricia Fields
Top by The Kins
High waisted shorts from Topshop
Shoes from Topshop
Hermes Bracelet and Samsung phone :P


I miss my long hair dearly therefore I decided to get a wig and I found the perfect wig for the night! Plus it's neon in colour and it kinda glows in the dark! How awesome is that right?

Then my friends could spot me easier and just find my bright shine like a diamond hair!


The first person I bounce with was Su and Amykins! It's been a while since Ive met them :)
Amy, why you so naughty?


with Princess Nana, stole this picture from her blog!


My date for the night, le husband.
Do we look like a married couple?


With my sister, jordan and vira :)


With The Kins, stole this picture from Jasiminne's blog

My sister has been sneakily practising the Poi ball for about 2 months to surprise us!
I already knew about it because I was there when she started practising, and trust me, it's damn hard!

DSC02186 DSC02189 DSC02196

I was shocked at how awesome she handles it! I was impressed! A lot of dedication indeed :)


My cousin in law also decided to join us last minute and I love to watch her shuffle :)

DSC02202 DSC02218 DSC02222 DSC02224 DSC02246 DSC02219

Then, it was time for the main event :)


I got goosebumps as they started singing BREATHE as their opening song! I cant believe that I just watch them perform live. I didn't even bother going to the VIP section and just hang with my friends as  we had a much bigger space at the main floor.


Hello Keith :D


I love how my hair glows :)

DSC02269 DSC02278

I am seriously a terrible dancer :/



Then, just like that, FMFA ended with a BANG! :) and Im already looking forward to the next FMFA!  Please bring in the S P I C E   G I RL S , thank you :)

Oh, who wore it better? :D

Jolyna? Step? Jasiminne? Marcus?


Here's a mini video I did :)

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