Monday, 11 March 2013

My saturday

where should I start? hmm.. :)

7 am - Woke up
830 - Arrival at airport to fly to Penang for my cousin's lunch wedding
10 30 am - Arrival in Penang
12 pm - Cousin's wedding lunch
3 pm- Arrival at Penang International airport 
5 40 pm - Arrive at KL straight to Luna Bar for Topshop Party
7 pm- Arrive at Luna Bar 
9 pm - Arrive at KLASH Mezza 9 event
10pm - Mamak time
11pm- Chapter One Bar with husband and his friends
2 am - Reached home, sleep

Now you know how hectic my Saturday was! Flew to Penang for half a day for my cousin's wedding then flew back to KL and straight to Luna Bar for Topshop event followed by KLASH event.
So yeah, basically I was wearing the same makeup and outfit from 7 am till 2 am.

P E N A N G                                                       


Group picture with my cousins, aunties and nephew

First time meeting baby Hayley! OMG she's sooooo cute! LOVE her dress so much! 

His Golden Girls :)

 TOPSHOP EVENT AT LUNA BAR                                             

I had to wear my Louboutin because I went straight from the airport, took it off and was walking shoeless for a while :)

 The party was quite happening and I was the only one over dressed in the group! At least I had a valid excuse, just came from a wedding :D But I did changed my necklace if you all notice from the Penang pictures

Took a picture with ARRAN who reads my blog! Hey boy! 

With Jane and Ami :)

Group picture!

 Then it was straight to KLASH event at Mezza 9 to support my friend Kim Raymond, but I was bit too late and only managed to catch the fashion show by Joe Chia.

FIGHT! FIGHT! Arm Wrestle TIME!!!

 Guess who won? Winner gets FabulousiTEE :)

With Charlene, one of my blog reader :) Such a sweetheart, this is my second time meeting her


Dress by SEED ( I support the YONG family :P )
Necklace from The KINS SS 13 shop here NOW
Shoes from Christian Louboutin

It was a super tiring Saturday but I love how productive it is. By the time I reached the TOPSHOP event I was so tired that I didnt really take alot of selca pictures :/

This week will be hectic as well! Flying to BKK now then Friday would be the Jaeger-LeCoultre event followed by FMFA on saturday! I cant wait already! This week Im fully booked!

Time to think what to wear for this rave! 

Also, next week.. actually starting this SUNDAY, will be MERCEDES BENZ STYLO FASHION GRAND PRIX 2013 from Sunday till Saturday! So, I will be out every night for the fashion event :)
Just got the invites and so happy that I replied them immediately!

Now I'll have to think of what to wear! from Sunday till Saturday! I am super excited about this event! 

Anyways, The Kins SS13 is having sales for DRESSES!!!! 30% OFF!

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