Sunday, 10 March 2013

M is for Magnum and Michiekins


M  has always been my favourite letter. WHY? because my mom's name starts with an M, my name starts with an M, my husband name starts with  M, even my dog's name. So, you see... I love the letter M alot and MAGNUM is no exception. 

I was invited to the Magnum event in Westin KL to celebrate their launching of 2 new flavours, Chocolate Brownie & Chocolate Strawberry and also not forgetting the awesome fashion show by Jovian Mandagie, which was the highlight of the evening as he designed dresses inspired by the Magnum chocolate and even design 2 masterpiece which the dress is entirely made out of chocolate :)

The event was a success as the PR agency did a marvellous job, there was a lot of celebrities, & personalities, to name a few : Sarah Lian, Xandria Ooi, Andrea Fonseka and many more.  The event was well decorated, the dessert bar was to die for and even the runway and lighting was all in perfection. I just couldn't wait for the show to start and to be blown away.

Jas and Nana was my date for the night, seated in the front row was the creme de la creme! * Thank you Jasiminne, Vivienne and Selina * 

I wasn't aware who this designer was but I was totally blown away by his masterpiece. I had the chance to talk to one of Jovian's client who recently bought 3 wedding gown for this wife! Such a lucky lady indeed :) 



   Introducing 2 new flavours! Chocolate brownie and Chocolate Strawberry! YUMMYYYY!


   Seated at the front row :) Love the whole setting


   We could even personalised our own chocolate :) Ate it the next day! 


   Giant Magnum, anyone?


   Was interviewed  for Bella NTV 7, might go on air 11 am Monday ( Im not too sure )


   Enjoying Magnum Chocolate Brownie


   With Nana and Magnum :)

Then it was time for the fashion show, be prepared to be blown away! Or you might even be feeling full just by looking at all the pictures, so chocolatie! These are some of my favourite designs of Jovian:

DSC01624 DSC01620 DSC01623 DSC01660 DSC01670 DSC01649 DSC01665


   With Nadia Heng for a photo op!

DSC01585 DSC01583

   Isn't the dessert bar to die for? So beautifully decorated! So rich with chocolate! SINFUL!

After the fashion show, we mingle for a while and took as many photos as we can before we call it a night. Here's some OOTD photos!

DSC01552 DSC01553

Blazer : The Kins SS13, click here to purchase : The Kins SS13
Dress from ASOS
Heels from Christian Louboutin
Bag from Prada

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