Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Club Neverland

Went to Club Neverland for the first time and it reminds me of Sherbet in Bangkok. The performances were good and there are many beautiful girls who are talented! They can sing and dance and I enjoyed their performances. Do you know that you can actually give them tips by buying them sashes worth RM100 and above? There will be someone holding sashes and you can buy as many as you want and give it to your favourite performer :)

Kinda like a wining pageant, then at the end you can see who has the most sash! Even the guys get it, as in male singers and one of them is particularly cute / hot *__* ( nana, you remember which one or not? )




Top KinsSS13 : click here to shop
Highwaisted shorts from Topshop
Stockings from London
Lita's by Jeffery Campbell


Thank you Ken Ji and Leonard for the awesome night out! Champagne for everyone! MUMM! :D
Stole the last 2 photos below from Neverland FB :)
Photographed by Nicholas Chin, who also shot for my wedding! :D

I wont say much but you will be blown away if you like watching performances :) Awesome experiencing something like this in KL :) LIKE for Club Neverland:)


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