Tuesday, 26 February 2013

battling depression

with my short hair. No joke. I mean, I love my new hair do but every morning when I wake up, I look like a boy, espcially when I love wearing Marcus' shirt and boxers to sleep

I wonder if I ever shocked him when he wakes up? WHERE IS MY WIFEY??????? 

I mean I love my new hair do but it's very challenging, you need to put on makeup, dress properly so that you wont be mistaken as a boy and comb your hair nicely so that it wont stick out. Ive never had such short hair before, but the good part is it kinda make me look edgier ? and sometimes sweet :) depending on how I style.

Here's a photo I took when I woke up... had to cat wang my ugly face haha

Can you imagine waking up to hair like this? It was my first time and I was shocked! Damn depressed. I will just look into the mirror and I just had to style it right away, normally I will just leave it but I cant stand when my hair is sticking out. Sometimes I cant even believe thats it's me I'm staring at the mirror.

I know Anne Hathaway suffers from short hair depression as well and I know who she feels. * Love you Anne! * I kinda copied her hair style and thought I could pull it off, the next thing you know... it's so hard for me to get ready! If i dont wear makeup or dress properly, I will instantly look like a guy.

It was because of one of the popular character in  Les Miserable, Anne Hathaways plays Fantine who had to sell her hair for money :/ So she had to cut her for the role. Even Charlie Thezron just cut her hair for another movie role.

I seriously thought I could pull it off, but it takes a lot of my time, and I am a super lazy person.. I mean if Im out at the mamak or sometimes shopping, I dont really dress up nor I put make up... Cos saya malas plus Im just out for a while... also, I wear spectacle since I was 7, making me look like a guy even more with this hair... sigh, what I miss is not having to take time to get ready.
So, my decision is to shave it


Im gonna keep it long again! I miss my long hair now!! COME BACK!

God, please let my hair grow fast ok? Thank you!

I know this may sound like a first world hair problems, but I don't know how to explain? My story might seem tiny, but when it come to image, ITS KINDA HUGE for me :( So, no matter how small or big your problems are, know that there's always a solution. Be patient. Wait. And it will come. So, my dear hair... please grow faster okie?

Also, I do take full advantage of it, THIS IS HOW I BATTLE DEPRESSION, EMBRACE IT and ENJOY what what you have! I will take time to get ready and have fun doing it! Makes me less of a lazy person! That I THANK YOU :) YEAH SAYA RAJIN! I will wake up earlier, see the gorgeous sun at 9/10 am, smile and carry on with my new routine of doing my hair and simple makeup :)

This new depression had made me more hardworking and now Im awake about 9/10 am which is early since I normally wake up about 11/12. I guess God is teaching me a lesson, because waking up early is good for you!

OH yeah, did a mini shoot and took some awesome pictures! I really LOVE my hair in these pictures.. Hope you like them too :)

Hope you also like my new header picture, from this short hair story.. I hope everyone can battle their own fight with a positive thought! :)

With a little bit more effort, Im sure you will be happier.
Less malas, more rajin!


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