Sunday, 24 February 2013

Michiekins 80s Theme Birthday Party

Yup, that's right.... I'm officially 27 years old. Late twenties. Mak cik. Aunty. Ama. Whatever you wanna call me. LOL.

Im so old that I don't feel like celebrating in a club anymore and now celebrating in a penthouse with your closest friend should be the IN thing. WHY? because it's more INtimate. I threw a 80's theme party for my 27th birthday as I was born in the 80's and most of my friends are also 80's baby! Occasionally 1 or 2 are from the 70's and one from the 90s. You know who you are :D hie nana*

This year we celebrated in BERJAYA Penthouse courtesey of Jasiminne and her mom :)
Thank you so much for this wonderful gift * Cant wait till Jas/Su/Sheena's birthday party in August that the girls had planned for! Another penthouse party YAY!

We had the Ambassador suite this time, 2 floors, 3 bedroom upstairs and one maid's room downstairs. It's was huge! 

We check-in about 12 /1 and I was ordered to rest by myself as the rest went out to buy presents for me. So, all alone in the mansion, I just watch CRAZY STUPID LOVE for the 1234567 million time. NO la, probably 3/4 time? I LOVE RYAN GOSLING!

Then when it's about 7pm, it was time to get ready for the awesome party.

Jasiminne, Cavin and I actually planned this party.

Cavin was incharge of the music and we even had projectors to project all the 80s music video and some 80's cartoon! It was an awesome idea of Cavin to bring the projector to the suite. 

Jasiminne was incharge of the penthouse and I was incharge to have fun! LOL

We had the best dressed for MALE and FEMALE which me and marcus are not included and we had some 80s game like MUSICAL CHAIR and of course 2 tables for people to gamble since it's still Chinese New Year :)

selfie fun

sheena entertaining us

group picture

ash and nana

the 80's baby girls

black jack table

present from my brother

dance off with RUN DMC boy versus girls

champagne of the night

brother and sister dance off!

musical chair :D

poker table

surprise gift from party divers and friends

I wanted to print this frame as my party's prop but too bad it was during CNY and most printing shop are all closed! But Jasiminne was kind enough to photoshop some pictures into it :)

The night ended about 530 am :) It was an awesome party and thank you for those who made it :)

oh yeah! not forgetting the presents that I received this year......

From Brie, Sean and John! Chanel's latest SS13 colours! Love it to the max! 

Gift from Leonard, a comb from Acca Kappa made of some wood which is so strong that I would be able to pass it to my daughter :) I should engrave it!

Gift from my wonderful parents :)

Champagne from my brother, according to him, this is what the cast of Gossip Girl drinks during brunch :)

 more gifts from my brother :D :D :D

Gift from Party Divers and friends! 20 person shared this to buy me a HERMES KELLY DOUBLE TOUR which I really wanted last year but it was out of stock :( BUT im so happppppyyy that I received it this year as a gift! Thank you so much guys! LOVE LOVE

Woohooo Gift vouchers for DNP Clothing!!! Thanks Lin and Kim!

gift from nana! used it right away as my shampoo just finish! :D

photobomb-ed by David Khoo

Hope this year will be a great year :) Baby soon? ;)

oh yeah? so who won best dressed?

My brother and cousin in law :D

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Cheers! xoxo
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