Monday, 18 February 2013

Be healthy!

Today, Im gonna write about health. A topic which is so important in our daily life and yet we ignore it. I have some interesting facts that you would want to know and it's good to broaden your knowledge in health. Do you want nice, healthy and thick hair? Healthier and stronger finger nails? Good skin condition? Better weight management and of course learn how to reduce the risk for heart disease? Read this as it will benefit you :)

I know many of us are not health conscious, we work hard and play even harder. But health is most important, especially your breakfast!

We all need protein as it plays a key role in repairing body tissues which contributes to healthy skin, nails and hair! Not only that, protein helps the body to produce enzymes and hormones and helps stabilises emotions! * I seriously need that, my emotions are quite unstable at times *

Interesting fact : Protein also makes you feel full longer and more energised! Great way to lose weight huh? I know ladies are more keen to this.

Introducing NUTRILITE Protein, the world's No.1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand, a 100% plant based protein formula with a powdered blend of soy, wheat and pea proteins. A more convenient, no cholesterol formula which provides 8g of protein in one serving. It's easily digestible and it contains nine essential amino acids to aid the body's digestion and it also blends easily with other food and beverages.

Ive tried this product before when I was the talent for AMWAY few months ago. I remember I was making shakes with it, I add ingredients like MILO and also cook congee with NUTRILITE Protein.

You might ask yourself, how much protein do you need? It all depends on your age, size and level of activity. Here's a simple formula on how much protein you need : BODY WEIGHT ( kg) x 0.8

The amount of protein required daily according to Recommended Nutrient Intakes for Malaysia

Children: 17-32g protein

Adult Male: 59-62g protein

Adult Female: 51-55g protein

You can also make you NUTRILITE Protein drink more interesting with receipes that could be found in the AMWAY website here : click

So what are you waiting for? Get healthy with NUTRILITE Protein today!

Available in Amway Distributors nationwide and at the 20 Amway shops located at a city near you!
If you wish to find out more about NUTRILITE Protein, you may visit :

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