Sunday, 10 February 2013

Singapore 2013

SINGAPORE!! How I miss you already! It was a short but fun trip with my family as we went for a short holiday to visit my sister and some of their friends. 

I was in charge of planning everything. From booking rooms to where to eat and shop.

I was looking into for hotel and wanted to book Marina Bay Sands as they've got this offer of Triple 3, $333 but too bad it's been fully booked :(

So, after hours of researching, I finally a hotel called Quincy, a boutique hotel located at Mount Elizabeth near Orchard Road. I wanted to stay near Orchard Road because we wanted to shop for Chinese New Year :) 

The hotel is small and cosy, you can only see ( amo kia ) white people. What I like about this hotel is that they serve free breakfast, dinner and cocktails from 6-8pm! Amazing right? I think we only paid RM 500 ++ ( RM 590 ) per room and you can eat/drink everything from the fridge! FOC ! and also not forgetting the 24 hours swimming pool! YES , 24 hours pool! and the shower is just amazing!

The room is decent, clean with comfortable pillows :)

One of the main purpose was also to visit the Marine Life Park in Sentosa, which is the largest oceanarium in the world! The ticket price is about $29 and it's totally worthied! I get to see manta rays swimming which Ive never see before although Im a diver ( one day, hopefully I get to see it and swim beside it in Koh Sa Mui which Im going in July or August )

Then it was straight to dinner in Pasir Tanjang, followed by clubbing in One Altitude, which is the highest bar in the world, all the way up to the 62nd floor. The music system is good, and the air is so refreshing and cold! 

The next day, we chill out at the pool for a while before dinner with my father's friends. It was bright and sunny and I brought along my Linda Furrow inspired glasses which I bought from Bangkok just to camwhore because I love the yellow colour so much!

During the last day, after checking out Quincy hotel, I took my parents to PS Cafe in Dempsey Hill, Jasiminne brought me there once and I fell in love with the interior and deco.

Lunch was good as everyone was happy with their meal and I know my siblings enjoyed the truffle french fries and the cafe's ambience. 

After lunch, we went to Ion straight to start shopping and my parents bought of me my first Prada :) as my birthday gift ( i know, so old ade still got present from parents haha ) Thank you Ma and Pa for the awesome gift! This would be the second luxury bag that my parents gave me, the Chanel and YSL I bought with my own money ok? :P

Right after shopping we headed back to KL and Im happy as a clam with a new bag :) which is perfect for the Chinese New Year.. well.... to keep ang pow and at least I got my pink accessories hehe!


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