Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Carrie Diaries

IM OBSESSED with THE CARRIE DIARIES! It's a prequel from the series SEX AND THE CITY starring AnnSophia Robb, Chloe Bridges and the sexy Austin Butler! It kinda replaced my Gossip Girl series as it's out on Tuesday, Malaysia time! So, on Tuesday I'll be watching 2 BROKE GIRLS and THE CARRIE DIARIES during lunch or dinner time, I have to admit I must watch something in order to eat or else I'll feel something is wrong if I'm eating alone. I hate eating alone. 

The series is set back in the 80s! The fashion is incredible, colourful, grunge, rock and roll and just pure FUN!!! I am an 80's baby! And everything I used to do, I see it in the Carrie's diaries :) Maybe that's why Im so obsessed with the show! Not forgetting the funky fashion and the hot & young Austin Butler.


There is no such thing as mobile phone, heck I only own my first mobile phone when I was 16!

You should see my hair when during my adolescence years.. LOL and my parent's boom box!

Ah I remember this! I used to own 2 SPICE GIRL CASSETTES! I even have JLO CASSATTE

I have to agree, but during my time when I was ( 16, 17.. ) years old, I gave CDs! I even give one to my now- husband before we got together! LOL! perhaps now the time has changed and PEN DRIVE is taking over!

I love love love her bag so much! Kinda look like a Hermes Kelly, with the shape and the sling :) 

Oh, not forgetting the hottie Austin Butler who plays Sebastian in The Carrie Diaries, so

I think he can replace CHUCK BASS, maybe not, I dont know... but he's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

His lips is so yummyyyyyyyyyyy

Im also obsessed with Larissa, who played the style editor for INTERVIEW Magazine in this series! I love how they style her :) So vibrant, colourful, funky and edgy!

I want to own everything that she's wearing here!

I also love Donna, altho she's is Carrie's nemesis, but she's so gorgeous! 
She kinda look like Liv Tyler x Angelina Jolie x Megan Fox

So, which character you like best? I love Sebastian best.. for now :P
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