Monday, 21 January 2013

Im home!

Hey everyone! I just got back from my shopping trip! The Kins Spring Summer Look Book 2013 will be launching soon, I am so EXCITED!!! We've got amazing pieces for everyone! Sorry for the long absence, I was working very hard to make this work, and I love what I do.

        From fashion researching, to buying, to styling, to art directing the photo shoot       

Here's a sneak preview on what's coming soon....

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I dont mind living there... I love the people, the food, the cheap massages, shopping and the weather is awesome! It's less humid compared to Malaysia... the air was cool and dry! January is definitely their peak season because it's cooling, dry and less rain or none at all.

I want to own a small studio apartment where I can make it my holiday house! I want that as my birthday present LOL! I was alone during the first day in Bangkok and I went to Siam Center to check the place out as it's just relaucnh and you now what?

Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester ( CHUCK & BLAIR ) was their guest of honour! I didnt know that they were in BANGKOK last last week or else I would have booked my flight earlier just to see them. NO JOKE!

Hmm... was quite upset that Ive missed them, perhaps it wasn't meant to be!

Anyways back to Siam Center..... I WAS BLOWN AWAY! Everyone who is going to Bangkok MUST VISIT SIAM CENTER!

It's such an artsy mall! You think Publika is cool & artsy right? Wait till you see Siam Center!

They want to create an IDEAPOLIS which was the theme for Siam Center, it's no longer a shopping centre, it's a place where great ideas are presented, where art meets fashion, technology, lifestyle and entertainment! All the shops are beautifully decorated, it's like they are competing for the best interior design store. 

I even bought my first Jeffrey Campbell shoes! I blogged about them back in DECEMBER 2010! It was 3 years ago! Link :

After Siam Centre, I went to Paragon for a look see, and love the Vogue Thai presentation! 
They just landed Vogue in Thailand! Y U NO COME MALAYSIA?

When the night hits, my friends took me to ROUTE 66! Which is the most happening club in Bangkok! It was really a fun night out and they play good music! From live band, to trance to hip hop/rnb, you pick your choice! It's like Zouk of KL! But only difference is that the space is much bigger and there's like LIVE telecast of the hiphop outside where they lay tables and it's full of ppl smoking and dancing outside because they cant smoke inside! So it was nice, cooling fresh air! unlike Zouk! I didn't sweat at all! And the crowd is just awesome :) 

ROUTE66 is a must visit for every clubbers out there! It's like a mini rave! Where they party outdoors and the music is  loud enough!

My trip was so amazing that I want to visit Bangkok soon again! 

I   H E A R T   B A N G K O K  !


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