Tuesday, 15 January 2013

i heart instagram

who doesn't?

Instagram is like a photo journal to me, I always prefer pictures over words because I can't write well. Also, picture says a thousand words. 

In my view you cannot claim to have seen something until you have photographed it. - Emile Zola

So, instagram is my daily journal which I shall cherish. I started instgramming since 5th May 2012 and Im addicted to it. The first thing I did besides yawning and rubbing off the pixie dust that the sand man sprinkled on me last night was to check my Instagram. No joke.

I am more of a picture person and today Im gonna share with you my favourite pictures from my Instagram. I was looking at all my pictures and it brought back good memories

 This is my first instagram picture, I had green hair :) Taken on 5th May 2012.. I had purple before green, then back to purple and pink mix!

Green? teal? you decide? I asked my stylist to mix blue and green and this was the results

What I wore when I went to Sekeping Serendah, I love this top from Forever 21 so much

I had purple x pink after green

Testing out a new lipstick and loving it! Thanks Jill 

Omg I miss my long hair badly!

Camwhore shot :)


With Charlene :) who came all the way to get FabulousiTEE

My favourite pants from Brands Outlet!!!!!

When I was into shade of NUDES and still am!

With the handsome and funny George Young,  Hot Guys Who Cook event

When receiving my second dress all the way from Los Angeles! Thank you Abi and Eelyn

My new sweater at that time :) 

My office cum boutique!

 Jacuzzi time with Sheena Chan

Trying my new neon skirt from Forever 21

Im wearing my very own collection :)

At Penang, sight seeing and hunting down art pieces

 Malibu in her bag! She's so cute

 I just love this pic cos my face looks small here 

With Esther and Maine at the Vivienne Westwood event

Brunch with Sheena Chan at B.I.G

Trying out The Kins Look Book for 2012

All ready for Lin's party!

My wedding dress 

Channelling Primadonna Girl by Marina and the Diamonds photoshoot

My work station

During my big day in taiping, while waiting for the boys

At the rave with Jolyna, I bought a new bag, new sunnies and cap for this rave!

One of my favourite shot of me, something dark, something different

 Teaching my students hahah :P

Looking at all these pictures makes me happy. 

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