Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Would you like a Birkin or a Kelly?

OK, let's talk about the infamous Hermes Birkin and Kelly today! 

Many of you want this bag because it carries status, celebrities are carrying it or you must just have it because people you know are carrying it or perhaps you just really like the design of the bags.

I know people buy these expensive bags to show that they can afford it or they just want to be "IN" or their other rich friends are already carrying it

But do they know the history of it? 

Here's some mini guide for you to learn about Hermes Kelly :) I put in the simplest version I can.

It's named after Grace Kelly, the actress who became the Princess of Monaco. Yes, from an actress to a PRINCESS!!!! Every girl's dream right? Grace Kelly first laid her eyes on the Kelly bag when she was filming a film and she absolutely adore the bag when it was loaned to her . Later on, Grace Kelly was seen being photographed with the bag while she was pregnant and she uses the bag to hide her baby bump. That's how it gotten famous :) Hermes later on named the bag, Kelly.

Here are some swatches for the Hermes Birkin and Kelly, which do you fancy?
Take note of the different skin type and colours :)

 Kelly comes is various sizes 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 28cm, 32cm, 35cm, 40cm 

Kelly has 2 different edges. One is called SELLIER which refers to very sharp edges/ corners or the RETOURNE which has a softer corners.

My favourite skin would be BOX, TOGO Calfskin CLEMENCE

My heart sets on Kelly :)

Ok, now to Hermes Birkin! Named after the famous singer/actress Jane Birkin . I've got a playlist of her songs in my car and one of my favourite song is Je t'aime  Moi Non Pus with Serge Gainsbourg. How they created the Birkin bag was slightly different from the Kelly. Both Jane and Hermes Chief Executive Jean-Louis Dumas was on the same flight from Paris to London. Jane placed her straw bag in the overhead compartment of her seat but it fell on the floor and her belongings was scattered everywhere and she explained to Dumas that it was difficult to find a good leather weekend bag and voila ~ the next thing you know, he created the Birkin bag for her :)

The Hermes Birkin sizes comes in 25, 30, 35 and 40 centimetres. 50- and 55- centimetres are meant for travelling.

I hope after reading this will help you understand the Hermes Birkin and Kelly better :) 

I would love a Kelly 28 or 32, but meanwhile.. I shall carry this :

Happy Wednesday :)



  1. i would choose Kelly for now as im just only 20 years old. perhaps after 25 years old i will go for Birkin. :)
    Btw, i m still dont have the money to buy it. Or i think mayb in my whole life i cant own this bag too as you know it is so damn expensive!!!!! :)

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