Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Looonnngggg Weekend :)

I'm back from my long weekend starting Friday morning till Monday night and I am so tired!

I went to JB for my cousin in law's wedding and was there till Monday morning, had to drive home immediately because at night was Chris and Jolyna's Engagement Party which they've won from Mandarin Oriental :) 

Ok, before that, let's start with Thursday night!

Marcus and I celebrated our one year anniversary as a married couple! YAY! 
Initially we got married on the 10th, but his cousin was also getting married on the 10th so we decided to celebrate earlier. 

We went back to Ciao, the ristorante where we gotten married for a romantic dinner :)

When we arrived, we were greeted by the manager and was given 2 glasses of complimentary champagne. Later on, the Italian owner, Rudy came and greet us as well. It was nice of them to remember us.

I ordered Tiger Prawns pasta while Marcus had steak. We even open a bottle of Marlborough to celebrate :)

The food, as usual was good and service was top notch! I love love love pasta! I can't live without carbs!

After appetiser and main course, I was still hungry and you know there is always room for desserts!


Yup, we finished everything :) I am a happy girl!

We finished our wine outside where we held our wedding, reminiscing the good old days with laughters.

It was a good night, with good food and to our surprise, there was no bill. Yes, we ate for free that night! We were feeling very blessed :)

Thank you CIAO! See you next year!

Then the next morning, we were off to Joanne and Keith's wedding in JB!

Jolie, Candice and Mom 

Marcus and Jovan

My brother in law, Martin and his girlfriend Michelle :) and Michelle has a brother named Marcus who is dating a Candice ( my sister in law's name ) :D

marcus, michelle, martin, michelle 

Candice and Jolyna

Joey and Alvin

 Me, Jolyna and Felicia

Marcus and the groom, Keith

Tina, Keith and her husband

The wedding went well and the food was good. The cake looks dammmnnn tall! All the best to the newly wed couple! After you both get pregnant, then only I will get pregnant k! 

Then it was off to Kuala Lumpur for Chris and Jolyna's Engagement Party at Mandarin Oriental which they won in a Engagement Competition held by Mandarin Oriental.

Party Divers Inc

Sheena, Me, Jolyna, Kylye and Jess :)

Sheena Chan, SARANGHAE! the one and only girl who introduced me to watch the latest Korean drama, The Heirs!


My fat face and chubby arms! Gained 2 kg from JB~ ATE NON STOP! Came back to KL and some people did say that I put on some weight! XD

Appetiser from their 4 course Western Dishes :) The food was reallllyyyyyy GOOD!

All of them were my favourite as I love seafood so much!

The wedding theme was Nautica :) Hence there is a lot of Red and Blue :) The layout was different as they have rectangle and round tables! These are all planned by the wedding planners.

Honestly, the long rectangle table, which fits 10 people was a bit hard to communicate with others because there is some distance. No doubt the decoration was nice, but I wish everyone was seated nearer.. 

But of course, the wedding planners were trying something different and this is just my honest feedback.

With Zen and Sheena

Then main course is served! Cod fish with Prawns along with mash potatoes and asparagus on the side. Totally my kind of food!

Yummy dessert!

Then it was straight to Neverland.

I was hoping Kenji and Leonard wouldn't be there as I was hiding from them every time I ever go to Neverland. HAHHAHHHA! 

Even though we were all so tired, esp the Tan family,  everyone came to dance and drink and even DJ-ed! Hahaha! It was a good night and a memorable one! 

Congrats to Chris and Jolyna!

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