Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Magnum Mini :D

Magnum events has never once failed me. I've attended several and it's always one of my favourites event. Not only the ice cream is tasty, I get to meet Jasiminne's mother ( Yes I love stalking beautiful people ) in most Magnum events with her fabulous friends. I wish I could be just like her :)

This time, the Magnum event was held in Publika to launch the Magnum Mini . Their latest mini ice cream comes with 3 different flavours – Magnum Mini Classic, Magnum Mini Almond and Magnum Mini Brownie, all covered with rich Belgian Chocolate.

It is the perfect size for every occasion that could be enjoyed and Magnum believes that a day without pleasure is a day lost. I totally agree with this statement!

I was early during the event as I saw in the itinenary that there would be FREE manicures and of course I wanted to taste the Magnum ice cream before it runs out! ( Seriously, you need to be QUICK )

When we first arrived, we were ushered to this photo booth for some fun loving photo time!

 Then as you enter, there will be trays of dessert for you to indulge :) Such a treat!

 I then went to this corner to get my name written on the chocolate!

 Guilty pleasure! I've always love the Magnum classic

 Free manicure session and of course I painted brown to support Magnum!

Please ignore my face as I just did facial and I totally forgotten that the Magnum event is the day after! Went there with my red spotted face! SHY!

With the girls Nana and Jane! Holding the latest Magnum Mini in Classic, Almond and Chocolate Brownie!

With the gorgeous Mia Suraya

The evening's highlight was the unveiling of the Magnum Pleasure Icons for Magnum Mini Moments! You've got personalities like Atilia Harun, Nadia Heng, Joyce Wong, Vivy Yusof, Debbie Goh, Carmen Soo, Elaine Daly, Xandria Ooi and Jonathan Putra were introduced on stage along with their very own Magnum Mini Moment.

Then we were ushered to the Magnum House of Pleasure where we get to experience the augmented reality projection of the different Magnum Mini Moments! It was so cool! 

I personally love this room the most and guess what, our very own blogger, Joyce is placed in this augmented reality! It was so weird as Me, Nana , Jane and Joyce herself hop into this bed and took a picture! There's like literally 2 joyce!

2 kinky blue fairies! One is not enough!

 OOTD of the night

Jumpsuit by KINS X STYLE
Heel from Louboutin
Bag from Prada
Hermes Kelly Bracelet

Thank you Magnum for this wonderful experience!

Log in to their Magnum Facebook page for more information!



  1. Michelle, mind to share the clothes/bag/accesories that u buy for the coming CNY? Will be happy if u blog tis. =)

    1. Sure :) But you'll have to wait till early January as Im concentrating on Christmas list first! Is that ok? :)

  2. Sure! Love to read ur blog =)

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