Sunday, 6 October 2013

gasing, batu seremban, getah

I was at Sushi Zanmai for dinner just now was seated in between Family A and Family B. 

Family A - Dad with 2 sons ( roughly age 5 and 7 )
Family B- Mom with 2 sons ( roughly age 12 and 15 )

Family A has no electronics gadgets

Family B,  12 year old boy with iPad mini and 15 years old boy with iPhone

Family A : Laughing 

Family B : Mom just staring at her 2 sons playing their gadgets. Mom looks sad. One of her sons even had his earphones on the whole time.

Can you see what's happening?

I seriously pity their mother. She just basically stared at her 2 sons until  the food arrives. Her son didn't even bother taking out his earphones during dinner. For me, that was rude. I seriously think that during dinner/lunch/tea with your parents, you should have respect them regardless of your age. I know they wanna keep up on their social media ( the guy was on FB ) but I seriously think that this generation depends too much on gadgets. I'm also shocked at that their parents for letting them get away with it. They should have be more assertive! Like telling them off or keep their gadgets aside during makan time. 

Family A, perhaps his sons are still young? But I know many people's young nieces and nephews already has gadgets with them and they even SWIPE ON TEXTBOOKS! WOW! And they will ask their parents, why isn't the page turning?

But I was happy for Family A, laughing and interacting with one another :) Dad looks happy :)

For Family B, mom looked sad, like she has no mood for the kids and vice versa

I know I have many young readers, please... please..... leave out your electronic devices when you are with your parents. You will regret one day when they are not around. Yes, some parents might be nagging, but HEY! It takes 2 hands to clap! If you do something right, they won't nag and vice versa. Get it?

Trust me, PARENTS KNOW BEST, I learn that. My mom always tell me : I eat more salt than you in this life( she always tell me that in HOKKIEN and MOM KNOWS BEST! LIKE SERIOUSLY! :)

I hope those who has this habit, at least try to change and give your parents a HUG RIGHT NOW!

GO GO! then come back and read the rest of my post.

I also noticed that kids nowadays don't hug their parents. I have this friend, born 90's where she told me she was shocked with how I interact with my siblings/family and friends (80s kids) They dont' hug or say I love you. I don't blame them, before my brother came back from the STATES, we don't even practise this. My elder brother changed our family a lot, he always say that family is the most important.

That's when we start hugging every time we see each other and a hug is very heartwarming :)

You might say ' THIS IS GONNA BE WEIRD, but hey, if you don't try you will never know... prolly some parents will be shocked by the sudden hug/kisses/love message...But trust me, deep down inside, they will be super happy. You can change your family, it's the matter if you want to change or not.

I wish to see kids playing gasing, batu seremban, getah, or just go OUTSIDE and kick a ball or something... Technology might have make our life easier, but definitely makes us lazier as well.

Something to think about on a Monday 



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