Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Autumn Ombre

Hey everyone! I was very inspired by Michelle Phan's Autumn Ombre Lips Look and decided to try it.

I messed it quite a few time actually hahah, some I added too much NAVY BLUE eye shadow and I had find the perfect balance and also to blend it properly.

You all should try it also as it's fun :) and I just love the colours combination a lot.

To create this Autumn Ombre Lips, I use :

1. MAC Red A62
2. Dior eye shadow in Navy Blue 

First, put on the MAC Red A62 and follow by few dabs of Navy Blue at the corner of your lips and try to blend it with a brush, I recommend you start dabbing little by little till you are happy with it.

I just tried it because it's something different and Im not quite over OMBRE yet :)

Oh yeah, I did a mini photoshoot yesterday with Melly who helped me to take the pictures for 

K I N S    X   S T Y L E  new arrivals!

We've got Kawaiii cutie pie, Monochrome, and PRINTS looks

Stay tuned for that!



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