Tuesday, 13 August 2013

koh samui / w retreat and spa koh samui

My Koh Samui trip was actually a family trip. Marcus was supposed to joined us but we just got back from our honeymoon a week before this trip, so he have to miss this trip. 

My youngest brother just got back from UK and we took his girlfriend, Siew Koon with us. So all together, 7 of us :)

We wanted to dive for a day and spend the rest with family activities.

Initially, I thought that we had to stay near the PADI dive centre ( we usually stays nearby ) in order to dive, but Samui was slightly different. We dive with SEA ROBIN which cost about RM500 per person. Normally it's not that expensive for 2 dive trips and lunch, but this is included transportation from the hotel to the dive center. But what I think cost the most was we had to take speed boat for another one and the half hours to dive in Koh Tao. 

I think no one wants to dive in Koh Samui, the water was a bit milky. Slightly better than Penang, I was shocked! I wanted crystal clear blue water! :( 

That was the downside of this trip.

But hey! exploring the city wasn't bad at all! I enjoyed Chaweng alot. 

When you are in Samui, don't bother taking the cab! It's super expensive! take the TUK TUK which they called it the BUS.

Cab cost about RM 45 per ride ( to anywhere/ even close by ) while Tuk Tuk was RM 5 per person.

I love how they advertise, they will just pumped up the car with big speakers and just advertise non stop, Ive also saw a bus where people can actually hop into it and straight to the destination, whether it's a bar/ club or the Muay Thai arena. Good service!

Food there was awesome! The seafood are fresh but do beware of oysters! There are many seafood restaurants, make sure you pick the most fresh and clean environment! You don't wanna suffer during your holiday.

At night, I took my parents to watch Moulin Rouge Cabaret, YES tranny in action!

The costume was fabulous and you can see some dancers really dance their heart out! They are so passionate about what they do.

I love Madonna's performance and one outstanding performance was when the tranny came out as a woman, sat down and started singing MY WAY while removing her makeup and dress till he becomes a MAN. That was incredibly awesome. I highly recommend the Moulin Rouge Cabaret if you ever visit Samui :)

It's not air condition, and might get a bit hot.

 Penjual jagung :)

 Lina running towards me to order jagung ( corn )

Of course, when you visit Thailand,  mango sticky rice is a MUST! YUMMERSS

Next, we shift to 

W Retreat and Spa Koh Samui.

Actually, I was the one who planned this trip and one of the main reason is to stay here and experience W.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this retreat.

 This is how the entrance kinda look like, straight away we could see Woo Bar :) Best to chill here at night :) The Dj spins quite awesome music.

The villa was huge for 2 person :) and it comes with your own private pool 

 I like how we could open the sliding doors from the bathroom and just jumped down to the pool from the tub!

 Our pool side day bed :)

 private swimming pool for each room

 Then we went to the W private beach to enjoy the sun and sea!

 Chess anyone?

 Us chilling at the Woo Bar at night with  W's famous Mojitos :)

The night ended with us playing JENGA! :D Guess who lost?

 and the loser have to be the breakfast slaves for everyone! Look at Nixon's expression! HAHA

Ok, now pictures overload!!!!

My sister and I chilling before heading to the beach with the rest of the family.
As you can see, we both have very different styles.

 Mom and her ipad, busy playing POKER most of the time 
She very takut gelap, hence her outfit 

Dad and bro playing volleyball with the locals 
Nice dive, dad! ehhe


My sis and I went and take pictures with W

I super duper love my Casio EX-ZR700 and it's now my favourite travelling camera! Brought it to Koh Samui to test some super power shot and my unforgettable journey with my family :)

I always love their power of zooming!

Notice my brother at the end, squarting down? Cant really see right? I was figuring out what he was doing so I decided to use the camera and check him out.

After zooming and taking a picture....

 Ta dahhhh!!! Hebat right?

Then I zoom again till the end!

 This is the furthest this tiny camera can go!

Then I went to find him to show the pictures and he was so impressed!
He was there looking at this shell which was really beautiful and I used the mirco shot to take this beautiful close up :)

 Till now, I dont know what this creature is but the Casio takes high quality pictures during my travels. Love it so much! Small and efficient :)

 Parent's kiss shot is a MUST!

 So shy for what :P Cute lahhh

Us, preparing/moving the bean bags to watch the sunset and also Brickleberry! 

Parents never fail to humour us with their Bollywood style!

Family chilling before dinner at Namu, the famous Japanese restaurant :) They actually prepared a private table for us outside the restaurant!

How sweet of them! 

Never a big fan of Sashimi, but this tasted AWESOME! More TORO please!

The next day, after waking up... my brother straight away jumped into the pool to wake himself up haha!

After getting ready, we went for Breakfast. It was good, but could be better :)

 At the GYM, just checking out how beautiful W is.

Then it was off to the beach again for some sport! Wind/Sand Surfing and kayaking :)


Overall, it was a really good trip! The retreat was good and relaxing, the service was top notch! We actually bought some souvenirs from the W shop!

 Cant wait to try other W Hotels! W Maldives looks awesome! Btw, I heard they are also opening W in KL soon!

Can't wait!

I asked my elder brother, Cavin.. what can W do to make improve their standards?

His answer was

Minted toothpicks.

So, W please take note.



    The star of this blog post is Cavin. I LOL-ed at the jumping straight into the pool and his toothpicks answer!

  2. By the way, I like the zooming function of your new toy, I will compare Olympus EP with this one. Mind telling how much u pay for your camera?

    1. LEY, it was a gift, so I dont really know the price... sorry! Have a nice day! :D

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  5. Hi!! Enjoyed reading your review of W - loved the pictures. Just a quick qns, is there wifi at the hotel and is it reliable?

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