Thursday, 29 August 2013

Citta Bella September Issue

Featured in Citta Bella September issue! This is my first chinese interview :) Had to ask my hair dresser to translate because I don't read chinese :) 

Thanks Leo

Coat by Emporio Armani
Boots by Celine

Was placed below Josheen Ma, she's so cute!! <3 p="">

Anyways, Im off for a mini holiday with the girls. Been planning this mini trip for 2 years and now only everyone is FREE to travel :) Hope everyone will have a good Merdeka event, although I strongly feel we haven't really Merdeka yet.

Thank you Sin Yee for the write up

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The day i saw my pictures in a pornographic website

At first, I hesitated to write this blog post. 

Should I or should I not?

But here it goes.

Few weeks ago, while I was at home, clicking FB away, a stranger sent me a message. He said, do you know the name __________? 

I said no and then he replied.

I think your pictures are being used in a pornographic website.

I was like wtffffffff. -______-||||||

To my horror, YES it was indeed my pictures in a pornographic website but with a different name.

Someone has created a profile of me inviting MEN to do disturbing stuff 

Example :  Making a video of them jerking off with my picture

I was stunned. I didn't know how to react. 

When I saw the videos, I was so grossed out. OMG there are sick people in this world!

The purpose of me sharing this is that WHOEVER saw it and thought perhaps Im selling my pictures online or me being a prostitute / escort / sex maniac, YOU ARE WRONG. 

I have a slight clue of who had done this. Perhaps he's reading this now. Yup, it's a HE. I kinda knew it as I saw some pictures of what he posted of me and he stupidly left some clue. 

I've reported it to the police and was asked to take this case to SKMM

So I went to SKMM in Cycber Jaya.

Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission

I reported my case there and was asked to wait as they figure out what to do.

I just wanted my FAKE profile to vanish.

It's seriously not good for my name.

2 weeks later, my profile was gone and I was so happy. I just don't want people to think I'm that kind of girl.

He mainly stole my pictures from my Blog and Facebook. 

Like I said, I kinda know who he is and straight away I went and search for his Facebook profile, he changed his name and I was shocked to see that he's now married with a kid.

Just to let you know, the police are watching. Don't do this again or else I won't hesitate to make a move AGAIN.

So girls, be careful of who you mix with, that person maybe just a normal friendly guy, but you will never know....

Ending this post with a cute cat gif that made my day!



Monday, 26 August 2013

Miley Cyrus on VMA


I didn't know who to react when I saw Miley Cyrus' performance yesterday

My jaw just dropped

Now, her news feeds are flooding my dashboard

and, I think she's seriously high on coke.

Her second outfit was ______________. I had no words to describe it.

She should have pick a better stylist. Her A** was flatten down because her latex?underwear?  was too tight to hold her butt cheeks??? 

I was very shocked when I saw the video.

 I seriously pity her and I pity the audience too...

Daft Punk's reaction

The Smith's family reaction


Which reaction you like best?

I wonder what was Miley's reaction when she saw her own video when she's sober?

I seriously miss the days when MTV was just good music videos 

Friday, 23 August 2013

Loving the Verbena and Lavender de Provence by Crabtree&Evelyn

I believe that I'm very lucky.

( This is btw, one of my favourite post )


Just the other night after shower, I put on my Crabtree&Evelyn Somerset Meadow lotion which was running out ( because it's my favourite ) and wondered if Crabtree&Evelyn was gonna have a new product which I could try. The very next day, God answered my prayer :)

I was introduced to Crabtree&Evelyn's latest edition, Verbena and Lavender de Provence.

I was curious because I've never heard of Verbena before.

When I first use the product, it smells like aromatic floral. Like running in the beautiful countryside of Provence and rolling down the meadows smelling the fresh flowers filled with Verbena and Lavender.

These are the beautiful notes that makes this perfume smelling fresh, clean and crisp.

It's the smell of Restorative, Vibrant and Stylish

As I was saying, the word Verbena actually sounds familiar and I actually went and googled it.
To all the Vampire Diaries fan, ( I HEART IAN SOMERHALDER) this is the plant VERVAIN which they use to protect from Vampires! So cool right? I can now sleep soundly after applying it! Muahahah! No vampire shall attack me now!

I actually love to use any Crabtree&Evelyn product during and after shower. I will start with their Bath and Shower Gel, followed by Lotion and finish it with a little bit of Spray Cologne.

I repeat this after every shower to keep me feeling fresh. I suggest you make it a routine too! You will automatically feel more refresh and energetic. It's good to spray abit of their cologne even if you are about to sleep. Then I bet you will sleep much better! Trust me!

The Verbena and Lavender de Provence comes with Bath and Shower Gel, Body Lotion Spray Cologne and Hand Therapy.


With this, I smell like Wild and Lively like Summer in Provence

I feel delightful.

Guess what?

This product appeals to both genders!Now everyone can feel fresh and energetic and no vampires will attack you! JK :P

If you are already feeling excited for this Crabtree & Evelyn product, please remember to LIKE their Facebook page to get more updates about their latest products!

Love Crabtree&Evelyn's moto

Explore Everything, Keep the Best”


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Elegantology @ Poppy

I've always love to attend posh and stylish events where everyone dresses up! Remember Elegantology? I blogged about it few month ago about how I was so impressed how many people do dress up and their fashion show was spectacular

and guess what?

I just got invited again to their latest party and you can join too!

Here's what Elegantology is mainly about :

The Elegantology party is about celebrating a night of fashion, gastronomy and mixology. Guests will be able to check out the latest in menswear fashion, while enjoying pure cocktails by Martell and delectable culinary creations specially crafted by Elegantology’s resident celebrity chefs.

The party will be held at Poppy Garden at Jalan P.Ramlee this Friday ( 23th August ) from 9 pm onwards and will be hosted by Xandria Ooi.

And of course, I've always love a party with a dress code.

White Elegance.

Do expect to see your some of your favourite celebrities like Alan Yun, Lawrence Wong, Cindy Chen, Frederick Lee, Jason Phang, Jeffrey Cheng, Adam C, Patricia K and Joey G who will also be attending the event. Fashion show by Daniel Chong, Hayden Koh & Michael Ong on limited edition menswear collection is not to be missed!
If you are hungry, fear NOT! You can now enjoy the delectable canapes created by celebrity chefs Johnny Fua & Sherson Lian

DJ Faith (Malaysia) and DJ Zara Gift (Thailand) will be spinning and get ready to dance all night long!

Take note that Martell VSOP Edition Nuit is the only drink/bottle that will be served at the event. The limited edition bottle is currently only available in Malaysia. Also, for the cocktail lovers, there will be a complimentary of Martell VSOP pure cocktails from 9pm till 11pm.

Sounds AWESOME right?

You can now join us to PARTAY!!

All you need to do to enter this event is by bottle purchases which will automatically includes passes to the event.

1 bottle of Martell VSOP Edition Nuit + 6 passes (RM388++)
2 bottles of Martell VSOP Edition Nuit + 12 passes (RM736++)

At the Door
1 bottle of Martell VSOP Edition Nuit + 6 passes (RM408++)
2 bottles of Martell VSOP Edition Nuit + 10 passes (RM768++)

* No custody bottles are allowed on the event night
* Only Martell VSOP Edition Nuit will be served on the event night

For reservations, contact Poppy Garden Ambassadors at 019-265 0388

I seriously can't wait for this event as I had a blast on the previous Grand Opening of Elegantology and cant wait to see what they've prepared this time!

I mean, have a look at one of their latest party at Cocoon Bar Sunway Giza, hosted by Denise Keller!

Most of all, I can't wait to check out all the hot models :) 

  Total eye candy!

So, imagine a night full of amazing pieces for the menswear fashion show, good food & drink and hot sexy models!

Take note also that the six most stylishly-dressed men will be named “Most Elegant Men of the Night” and that they walk away with a Nuit edition bottle of Martell V.S.O.P!

For more information click here :

For reservations - contact Poppy Garden Ambassadors at 019-265 0388

Hope to see you there!  


Sunday, 18 August 2013

fashion bazaar

Im writing this on a Sunday night, 18 of August 2013 after a long weekend. From my beloved cousin Sheena's surprise proposal to Jasiminne&Sheena's Birthday Party at Berjaya penthouse with the HIGH SCHOOL theme party :) I shall blog about those 2 soon.

I just got home not too long ago, we checked out late as usual. Slept at 6am and had breakfast at 4pm. The sandman is seriously throwing the sleepy sand on my eyes. @_@

Marcus just cut persimmon for me. I heart persimmon alot. We called it Angkee. It's a type of fruit.
Now I feel like eating maggie mee... ASAM LAKSAAAA!!!! My favourite.

Ok ok, enough nonsense and random stuff!

I will be hosting a Fashion Bazaar this coming Saturday! YAY! Like finally ~

fashionbfinal copy

Share this picture ( curi from my blog NOW ) and get a free gift from me! Just show me on that day with your mobile phone! You can either share it on Instagram and tag me or via Facebook :)

So, do come early incase I ran out of free gifts!
Start by 12 noon. SHOP first then only EAT! ahhha JOKING!

 Can't wait to meet you all!

My friend's boutique is the same row as papa rich, super easy to find on the first floor :) You wont get lost :P

OK, Im gonna sleep now. Its 9:38 pm now.


Wait.. should I cook maggie mee now? 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

koh samui / w retreat and spa koh samui

My Koh Samui trip was actually a family trip. Marcus was supposed to joined us but we just got back from our honeymoon a week before this trip, so he have to miss this trip. 

My youngest brother just got back from UK and we took his girlfriend, Siew Koon with us. So all together, 7 of us :)

We wanted to dive for a day and spend the rest with family activities.

Initially, I thought that we had to stay near the PADI dive centre ( we usually stays nearby ) in order to dive, but Samui was slightly different. We dive with SEA ROBIN which cost about RM500 per person. Normally it's not that expensive for 2 dive trips and lunch, but this is included transportation from the hotel to the dive center. But what I think cost the most was we had to take speed boat for another one and the half hours to dive in Koh Tao. 

I think no one wants to dive in Koh Samui, the water was a bit milky. Slightly better than Penang, I was shocked! I wanted crystal clear blue water! :( 

That was the downside of this trip.

But hey! exploring the city wasn't bad at all! I enjoyed Chaweng alot. 

When you are in Samui, don't bother taking the cab! It's super expensive! take the TUK TUK which they called it the BUS.

Cab cost about RM 45 per ride ( to anywhere/ even close by ) while Tuk Tuk was RM 5 per person.

I love how they advertise, they will just pumped up the car with big speakers and just advertise non stop, Ive also saw a bus where people can actually hop into it and straight to the destination, whether it's a bar/ club or the Muay Thai arena. Good service!

Food there was awesome! The seafood are fresh but do beware of oysters! There are many seafood restaurants, make sure you pick the most fresh and clean environment! You don't wanna suffer during your holiday.

At night, I took my parents to watch Moulin Rouge Cabaret, YES tranny in action!

The costume was fabulous and you can see some dancers really dance their heart out! They are so passionate about what they do.

I love Madonna's performance and one outstanding performance was when the tranny came out as a woman, sat down and started singing MY WAY while removing her makeup and dress till he becomes a MAN. That was incredibly awesome. I highly recommend the Moulin Rouge Cabaret if you ever visit Samui :)

It's not air condition, and might get a bit hot.

 Penjual jagung :)

 Lina running towards me to order jagung ( corn )

Of course, when you visit Thailand,  mango sticky rice is a MUST! YUMMERSS

Next, we shift to 

W Retreat and Spa Koh Samui.

Actually, I was the one who planned this trip and one of the main reason is to stay here and experience W.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this retreat.

 This is how the entrance kinda look like, straight away we could see Woo Bar :) Best to chill here at night :) The Dj spins quite awesome music.

The villa was huge for 2 person :) and it comes with your own private pool 

 I like how we could open the sliding doors from the bathroom and just jumped down to the pool from the tub!

 Our pool side day bed :)

 private swimming pool for each room

 Then we went to the W private beach to enjoy the sun and sea!

 Chess anyone?

 Us chilling at the Woo Bar at night with  W's famous Mojitos :)

The night ended with us playing JENGA! :D Guess who lost?

 and the loser have to be the breakfast slaves for everyone! Look at Nixon's expression! HAHA

Ok, now pictures overload!!!!

My sister and I chilling before heading to the beach with the rest of the family.
As you can see, we both have very different styles.

 Mom and her ipad, busy playing POKER most of the time 
She very takut gelap, hence her outfit 

Dad and bro playing volleyball with the locals 
Nice dive, dad! ehhe


My sis and I went and take pictures with W

I super duper love my Casio EX-ZR700 and it's now my favourite travelling camera! Brought it to Koh Samui to test some super power shot and my unforgettable journey with my family :)

I always love their power of zooming!

Notice my brother at the end, squarting down? Cant really see right? I was figuring out what he was doing so I decided to use the camera and check him out.

After zooming and taking a picture....

 Ta dahhhh!!! Hebat right?

Then I zoom again till the end!

 This is the furthest this tiny camera can go!

Then I went to find him to show the pictures and he was so impressed!
He was there looking at this shell which was really beautiful and I used the mirco shot to take this beautiful close up :)

 Till now, I dont know what this creature is but the Casio takes high quality pictures during my travels. Love it so much! Small and efficient :)

 Parent's kiss shot is a MUST!

 So shy for what :P Cute lahhh

Us, preparing/moving the bean bags to watch the sunset and also Brickleberry! 

Parents never fail to humour us with their Bollywood style!

Family chilling before dinner at Namu, the famous Japanese restaurant :) They actually prepared a private table for us outside the restaurant!

How sweet of them! 

Never a big fan of Sashimi, but this tasted AWESOME! More TORO please!

The next day, after waking up... my brother straight away jumped into the pool to wake himself up haha!

After getting ready, we went for Breakfast. It was good, but could be better :)

 At the GYM, just checking out how beautiful W is.

Then it was off to the beach again for some sport! Wind/Sand Surfing and kayaking :)


Overall, it was a really good trip! The retreat was good and relaxing, the service was top notch! We actually bought some souvenirs from the W shop!

 Cant wait to try other W Hotels! W Maldives looks awesome! Btw, I heard they are also opening W in KL soon!

Can't wait!

I asked my elder brother, Cavin.. what can W do to make improve their standards?

His answer was

Minted toothpicks.

So, W please take note.

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