Sunday, 28 July 2013

Honeymoon in Tivoli

On our last day at Rome, we took the bus to TIVOLI, which is about 45 min ride. We wanted to check out the 2 beautiful garden, Villa d'Este and Villa Hadrian.

We first reach Villa d'Este and was amazed at this beautiful Italian garden. 

This villa is owned by Cardinal Ippolito II d'Este who was appointed Governor of Tivoli by Pope Julius III  and was gifted this beautiful villa.

( saya pun mau )

The house is huge and the garden is crazy massive. I think it's a good place to play hide and seek. Don't you agree?

People are gonna have a hard time running from the house ( castle??? ) to the garden! 

There are also a few fountains in there and it's so beautiful. I could live here!

The fountains has been working for almost 2000 years :) Roman people are brilliant. 

The view from Villa d'Este

Finally a picture together :) Thanks kind stranger who helped us! One downside of the honeymoon is the lonely pictures. 

I enjoyed the fresh air, garden and peacefulness of the villa. It is a magnificent masterpiece. 

Then, it was off to Villa Hadrian. At first, I was looking forward to this villa as I heard it's beautiful, but when I arrived... it was all mostly ruins only.

Totally different from Villa d'Este but of course, much more bigger.

Roman Emperor Hadrian used to governed Rome from here. It's roughly about 29km from Rome.

Poppieesssss PoP! :)

Marcus touching what has been there for almost 2000 years old.

At this exact place, Marcus said he wanted to be an archaeologist -__- 

The villa was huge till we got lost and I began to freak out as it was almost evening. What if there's wolves? At one point, we were just trying to figure out how to get out from there and no surprise, we found our way back after walking till my leg wanna patah -_-

My sad face :(

But it turned to :) because the next day was our SANTORINI trip! YAYYYYY!!! 

See you next in Santorini! 



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