Sunday, 21 July 2013

Honeymoon in Milan

I almost gave up on Milan.

Ok, where to start? We took a flight via Easyjet to Milan. Easyjet is the equivalent to AirAsia. Super cheap flights. Sometimes even cheaper than trains. We arrived in Milan about noon, checked into our hotel and right away, we took the taxi to the shopping area. PRADA is from Milan. There are many huge Prada store everywhere. We walked till we reached Galleria Vittoro Emmanuel and I was at awe. It was so beautiful! Did my first OOTD video via Instagram there. 

First day in Milan was all about shopping, and Prada was no exception. But when I stepped into a Prada outlet, there was so many China people! Filled with uncles who wear slippers and short and I dont think they buy the bag for themselves. I think they buy it back to sell at their country. They are actually quite rough when it comes to handling the bag and the sales representatives, they talk so loudddddd!!! It kinda destroy my shopping experience, but they are super rich! They just pick, touch, and then pay. You should see how they touch the Prada bag! One guy actually hold it up and start pressing the bags quite hardly. I mean for me, I will hold it gentle and just have a good look. But oh well, Europe needs to fix it's economy so all the sales representatives have to layan them well :) 

Amazing architecture in Galleria Vittoro Emmanule II

Right outside the Galleria is the AMAZING Duomo. It was so surreal and so beautiful. 

That was end of day one for us. We were tired, so head back to the hotel and sleep!

Our hotel has a nice garden at the back where we can chill for a bit after breakfast.

We stayed in Hotel Ideale, good service, very clean room, small but just nice for 2. Plus it's also very near the city. But most of all, the good service, I would definitely recommend to all of you. You can also just take the train to the city which is about 3 mins walk to the train station. Cabs are really expensive too.

Milan is where you can see the Last Supper painting and we didn't do enough research that we actually had to buy tickets in advance! So, we missed the Last Supper painting. So, there's nothing much in Milan and we just went back to the Duomo to check what's inside.

It's a huge beautiful church and we had to pay 2 euros if we want to take photos.

yup, there's a few corpses in the church.

After the duomo we actually went to  Parco Sempione, one of the famous park in Milan and guess who we saw???????

THE STRING MAN!!!! YESSSSSSS!!! They block us again as usual but luckily only one fellow! Phewwwwww! But he was kinda annoying as in he actually followed us and just place that stupid string on my shoulders! I was like WTTFFFFFFFF!!!!! I just flick it down and just walk away. I didnt care. So, he just picked it up and walked away.

String man - 0, Michiekins - 2

happyyyy :D

Later in the evening, we went to Navigli for dinner as there was nothing much to do or perhaps nothing really interest us. I was quite upset and didn't had much fun in Milan.


Via Breia saved Milan. It's a famous food street! The food is so amazing that the next day we actually went back here again and tried another restaurants. There are many good restaurants here and also many nigerian selling fake handbags like LV and Chanel. But they wont disturb you. 

I highly recommened the seafood pasta by Ristorante Nabucco!! It's a must try! Fresh seafoodddd is the best!

During our last day of Milan, Marcus actually booked a vineyard tour for us via a luxury culinary wine tour and vacation in Italy.


It was rather disappointing. I mean they picked us up with a Mercedes Benz, drove one hour to Franciacorta to visit 2 winery and to enjoy Lake Iseo.

First of all, the driver/ tour guide doesn't speak good english and we had a hard time understanding and couldn't ask much questions. Secondly, I think one visit to a vineyard is enough as they are pretty much the same. They will just show us how wine was made etc. Thats was quite interesting but I still think one is enough. Then the driver left us at Lake Iseo without telling us anything about it. We felt so lost. He just said that he will pick us up in an hours time for lunch. He brought us to a restaurant where they don't even speak English, THANK HEAVENS Marcus used to work in a Italian restaurant and he still remembers some Italian dishes or else Habislah.

We were upset because we paid RM 2k for this tour. It was a huge disappointment. We actually emailed them back but after 2 or 3 emails, there were no reply from them anymore.


in Franciacorta 

So, that's the end of Milan, hope to see you in Rome soon :)


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