Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Fashion 101

OK, enough of holiday posts! ( actually still got one more holiday post coming soon :P KOH SA MUI ) Now, back to where this blog started about. 

Sin Yee, the Featured Writer of Citta Bella Magazine asked me this question during the interview for their September issue:

What does fashion mean to you? she asked

I replied " I hate that word " Grin :D

To me, it's all about style!
 Fashion comes and go, but style is forever- YSL

Remember to get your September issue of Citta Bella Magazine yeah!

Today, Im gonna share my TOP 5 Fashion NO NOs

1. The sticker on the sole of a shoe
- Ive seen plenty! Even I made that mistake before ( long long time ago ) So, ladies... if you just gotten yourself a new pair of heels, remember to take it off yeah! Or an old pair which the sticker is still on, please take it off.

2. The transparent bra strap
- SERIOUSLY? It makes the entire outfit instantly look cheap ok? BURN IT NOW! NOWWW!

3. Panty lines
- Choose the perfect panties for the perfect dress! Make sure you dont wear a fancy panties with lace or the ones with extra trimmings when you are wearing a tight dress. Make sure the panty lines are almost invisible! Or else, go PANTYLESS! 

4. The washing instructions label on the scarf
- Im gonna carry a scissor around to cut it off. Please go and cut it NOW! NOWWW!

5. Crocs.
- You read it right. It's the most ugliest footwear ever! I don't know why people still wear it! 

I pity you :(

Here's a bit of traveling fashion tips! 

Invest in Topshop Joni Jeans.

SERIOUSLY, it's the best jeans in the whole wide world!

Its high waisted, comfy and very stretchable !

image via

I enjoyed wearing the JONI Jeans while I was in Europe. It's a good alternative for LEGGINGS because you know how legging can see you kiap kiap (camel toe) and it's super unflattering and people will just stare at it? 

Well, the JONI Jeans is as comfy as leggings! It's definitely a must have! It's more versatile because when I wear leggings, I have to find a top which can cover till my hips, to avoid people starring at my kiap kiap! 

It is a good investment! Please head to TOPSHOP now. If not mistaken, they've got 3 colours. 

My style is ever changing, here are some pictures what I find very inspiring :)

I seriously want this platform! Should have bought it in while I was in MILAN! Don't know what I was thinking! Kinda regret now, hopefully I can find this soon~

Alright, time for me to work

Happy Thursday

Oh btw, are you guys free on Tuesday till Thursday? My friend will be exhibiting her masterpiece in White Box, Publika! 

This is a MUST VISIT!

"First exhibition showcasing selected works of up-and-coming photographer Isabella Tan, a 19 year old dreamer who spent the last two years exploring and growing in the field of photography.

Her work has been noticed by people all over the world and she’s slowly but steadily gathered a loyal following of art enthusiasts on her facebook page. Known for her work of both fine art photography and fashion photography, those who’ve seen her photos can tell that she likes exploring a variety of themes and ideas. 

"Papillon", french for "Butterfly" symbolises metamorphosis and transformation, recording her growth as a young artist and the development of her creative ideas. She will share behind the scenes work, never seen before images and what inspired her to become who she is today. Papillon promotes her passion for the arts and aims to inspire others to chase after their dreams—no matter how impossible it may seem."

The exhibition is open 11am-6pm daily
Tuesday 6th August to Thursday 8th August
Admission is free

Prints displayed are up for sale upon request



  1. i think converse is bringing the slightly the same platform as you posted. check it out if u want.

    1. I wanted the one from Jeffrey Campbell, but ill check out Converse it :D Thank you!

  2. you made me laugh at "kiap kiap"

  3. I don't even know why Crocs got so famous in the first place!! :/

  4. i got the jeffrey campbell the lockness sneaker..
    similar to the hiya ones..
    comfy and easy to pair with every outfits i wear..
    love it <3


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