Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Grand Opening of Elegantology

I arrived early on that day to the grand opening of Elegantoloy. I was there by 6:30 pm to check out the shop to see what they have in stores. If you don't remember or dont know what Elegantology is all about, click here : Elegantology.  

 Red carpet moment : With Shah, my manager and fellow blogger Joyce Wong

As we were walking down the red carpet, there were a few Martell bottles which are decorated by the designers who will showcase their fashion line later at the fashion show. This bottle is designed by the talented Beatrice Looi :)

We were then ushered to the shop and I really like the interior of the outlet, it was beautifully decorated with a bit of baroque and modernity. I also managed to find a few interesting pieces.

Oh, and I also like this fake fire place very much! I could imagine me sitting down here sipping Martell :)

 Later on, we were ushered to the main stage where the event took place. It was beautifully decorated with a runway in the middle.

 Sitting behind me was of course everyone's fav twins, Duo Gigs

 And my date for the night was Martell :)

 The emcee for the night was Nadia Heng and after a few speeches from Beatrice Looi and Martell representative, food was served and so is the beginning of the fashion show by 7 designers.

Beatrice Looi, Daniel Chong, Hayden Koh, Ian Chang, Jason Zeck Lee, Joe Chia, Justin Yap, Michael Ong, and Venie Tee.

The opening of the fashion show was by Steve Yap, presenting the Nuit Edition

 Designed by Beatrice Looi! Love love love what the model is wearing :)
Now you know girls do look hot in men's clothing as well! Chic and classy!

Our meals were prepared by chef Sherson Lian & Johnny Fua

First dish was Smoked Muscovy Duck with Foie Gras Mousse, Shiitake Mushroom Terrine Red Onion Jam, Grilled Korean “bae”

Chargrilled Chicken Wrapped with Turkey Bacon Strips Corn Bread Squares, Cranberry Marmalade, Jumbo Asparagus

Kelantanese Laksa Hokkaido Scallop, Sambal twist, Quil Egg and Ulam Julienne

 Sesame Sorbet with Compressed Melons, Yogurt Cream Candied Walnut Maccaroon, Anjou Pear

The food was good, I enjoyed the main course and dessert the most.

And of course, Martell was served to compliment those fine dished.

As for the fashion show, I truly enjoyed it the most. I've never seen so many male models before in one fashion show. Below are pictures of boys, boys and more boys :)

Interesting outfit

 Doesn't this guy look like Ip Man? Bespoked by Ian Chang featuring Royce Tan.

 Joe Chia never fails to amaze us!

 Designer Justin Yip and Hans Lee

 I have a weakness for turquoise shirts! By Venie Tee and Daniel Chong

Then it was Chris Yong's presentation which WOW-ed me the most!

 Amber Chia doing what she does BEST!

Group photo of all the designers, celebrities and models

Kar Mun and me, we both went to Acheh together for diving last month

Managed to take some pictures with my fellow readers :)

 Janice and I

Amelia and I

I'm glad to bump into them because I treasure my followers a lot :) Thank you girls!

Who can forget this handsome boy who works for Topshop?
Yes, it's no other than Denver from Topshop Personal Shopper who loves to travel!
Love love love this entire outfit of the night!

It was overall a good night and what I like the most was when Beatrice Looi actually commented on my instagram saying thanks for the support! That made my day :)

Also, they were kind enough to present me a gift :)

Thank you so much Elegantology :)

Elegantology is located at Publika,
35, Level G2, Publika, Solaris Dutamas , 1 Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Website :



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